Thursday, January 31, 2008

Keeping Busy

It's hard to believe it has been over a week since I did a post. My goal is to post at least once a week and oftener, if possible. I don't know about the rest of my blogging friends, but for me it takes a long time to do these posts. Taking pictures, downloading off camera, doing some minor fixing of the pictures, uploading into Blogger and then composing the words. Sometimes I think it takes away from my stitching time. The other thing is I don't know how some bloggers can find the time to blog each day. Don't get me wrong I love reading them every day. Right now, for some reason, I am about a day behind in my Google Reader. If I miss one day then I am buried. When I get buried, I read everything, but comment less than normal. I am so inspired by all I see on the blogs, but I would have to have 48 hours in a day to get all the things done that I want to do. Thanks to all for your inspiration and also for reading my gibberish and your wonderful comments.

We have been having some REAL winter weather with cold and snow, therefore, I have been cozying up with my stitching a lot. Still working on the design model for the Shop Hop Sampler. One of the 6 parts is done and I have a good start on the second part. No pictures until around the 1st of May. All those in my area are going to love this one.

In addition, I have been able to do some stitching for myself. Here is the finshed 2nd block of Bent Creek's Snapperland called "Hive".

Now I have started the 3rd block called "Cottage". The girl has a head and no hair so she sort of looks like a blockhead. In the order of how they are done on the fabric this one is first, then Hive and Coop that I finished previously. Still one more to go. These stitch up fairly fast compared to my VoHRH.

Speaking of VoHRH, here is my progress on Block 4. I should have followed what Marie P did with hers. Instead of stitching Block 4 in order she moved on to Block 5, to avoid doing 2 big houses back-to-back. Almost wish I had done that. Maybe next time I will take a break between big houses to save my sanity. It seems to be hard to see progress when you are constantly doing solid stitching.

There is one other project that I have put some time in on, but forgot to take a picture. Did not remember it until I was already downloading the pictures. I have been following my goal of stitching 1 hour a week on Tuesdays on my friend Sandi's gift. The first week I stitched on it, I kept getting phone calls and had to extend the time I had set aside to get my hour in. For the next couple of weeks, it happend too. So now it is a joke among my stitching friends about every time I pick up that piece the phone rings. This week I got through my hour plus before I got a phone call. LOL.

Have been working every Thursday for the last 4 at the LNS - The Sunflower Seed. Mary that usually works has been having health problems, so I have been taking over that day at the shop. Everyday I have been busy all day, until today when I was able to get a little stitching in after I got all the work I knew how to do done. The owner is getting ready to go to Nashville Market a week from Friday. We have been helping her get all her new designs ready, she has got her display all figured out. Now to help pack up models and her vehicle next Thursday so she and Reina can head out early Friday morning. I am staying behind to run the shop and watch Betsy, the shop dog while they are gone. Can hardly wait to see what goodies she brings back for the shop.

Muffn got out of prison (the crate) on Monday. Her 6-week sentence was up and the vet said her reflexes were about 98%. He thought that was probably the best she would ever be. We are still very careful with her, limiting her jumping up and down off things, doing stairs and she probably will not be going on any long walks any more. She is very happy to be out. You should see how she stretches out when she is sleeping. Thanks to everyone for their care and concern for her. I need to remember that at 10 1/2, she is now considered a geriatic dog. She needs to act her age, not like a puppy. That is hard for her to do.

Getting all excited about watching Super Bowl on Sunday. I hope it is a good game and good commercials.

Off to catch up on some blog reading. Thanks to all who stop by.


Kendra said...

Glad to hear that Muffin is a free dog now. :-) I'm sure she appreciates her freedom!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your WIP's look great. Your VOHRH is coming along so nicely ;)

Vonna said...

Your stitching is GORGEOUS! I love the snapperland and no matter what you are making great progress on the village :)
and HURRAY for Muffin!

Ranae said...

Your WIP's look great.
I try to stay up with the google reader, but one day passes and I too am buried.
Yippeee! for Muffin

DaisyGirl said...

Yeah for Muffin! My Brutus is 15 years old, that dog's gonna outlive us all! haha Just recently he has shown his age! VoHRH looking good! Need to start mine.

Michelle said...

So glad to hear Muffin is FREE!! You've been busy and doin' a lot stitching too! Wish I could participate in the Shop Hop..oh well. I'm looking forward to seeing the new designs. I finally finished one of my many projects..the sweetest angel.

Stay warm and have fun watching the game! I have all the junk food and chocolate purchased and I'm ready!


Wanda said...

You are coming along super on the village,and I am loving the Spring Snapperland those are all to cute.
Glad to hear Muffin is on the mend.

Wawanna said...

Well, you certainly have been a busy girl. Every thing looks scrumptious, especially your VoHRH. Muffin will just have to accept that old age is creeping up. Oh how I HATE those two words. It's creeping up on me too. Muffin, stay as young as you can as long as you can, OK? Best wishes for some very happy stitching.

Mel said...

how about that great super bowl game! :)
Your stitching progress looks great.
And great to hear that Muffin is doing well.

Sonda in OR said...

Snapperland is coming along so well...I love those designs!!

Hazel said...

Yes I have the same probs with uploading pics etc.. It takes a long time for me. Love your wips. xx