Monday, February 11, 2008

Cursed Project and Other Stitching Updates

It's been longer between posts than I usually like to go, but I would rather spend my time stitching than taking photos, editing, uploading, etc. And what is a post without a few photos? BORING!!!

Back at the first of the year, I made it my goal to work on the retirement gift for my friend Sandi, at least one hour a week in order to get it finished. Also decided that Tuesday would be a good day, since most of the time I don't have anything scheduled on that day. Everything has been going fine, however on the first Tuesday I started to stitch on the sampler the phone rang right after I started my hour. So that meant I had to adjust my time. Now, for some reason ,every Tuesday when I pick up this piece the phone rings. It has become a standing joke with all my stitching friends. One day it was even Sandi that called me. This week another friend called and the first words out of her mouth were "are you stitching on Sandi's sampler?". My answer was yes, I just have taken a few stitches and the phone rang. LOL!! I am beginning to think this is a cursed project. It is rather difficult to make much progress. This week I did put in a little more than an hour just to get to the end of a needle full of thread. It is hard to see this since the colors are so light. Since the first of the year I have done 2 rows of the alphabet, 2 rows of specialty stitches between the rows of alphabet and more of the border. The alphabet is done one letter in eyelet over 4 threads and the next Rice stitch over 4 threads. Takes a while to accomplish that and lots of thread. Maybe now that the alphabet is done it will go faster.
Did not take photos of progress on my other stitch projects. Have put in part of the Cottage in the first panel of Spring Snapperland. Have the window and door outlines and other solid house stitching done on Block 4 of VoHRH. Also have another piece of ths Shop Hop Sampler for The Sunflower Seed about half done. I will have pictures of VoHRH and Spring Snapperland next time. Just to lazy to bother with them tonight.

I seem to be hitting a wall stitching on VoHRH. With two big houses in a row and solid stitching on both has me thinking I am bored with it or something. Anita, at the Sunflower Seed, said that I had too much yet to go to be getting bored with it. LOL. Maybe it is my Adult Attention Deficit causing me problems. I get the urge to start something new. Like I don't already have WAY TOO MANY started now. So Friday night, I started this Quaker Valentine Heart that a friend pointed me to. Click Here for the chart. It is all complete except for the chart called for initials and the year in the top two motifs. Date would be OK, but not sure I want to put initials in it. Not even sure how I want to finish it. It was a fun stitch and maybe now I can go back to my other projects and get lots done.

28-ct Antique White Jobelin

Needle Necessities 103 (Very Berry)

Anita from the LNS has been in Nashville at market showing her new designs and buying goodies for the shop and I have been running the shop and taking care of the shop dog, Betsy. We have had a good time. Should have pictures up on her web site The Sunflower Seed and of the ones I stitched for her on future posts. Things went well for her and I am anxious to see what she brought home. Our weather is going to be a little iffy tomorrow so I hope I can make it to the shop and she can make it home OK. Supposed to have some wintery mix tomorrow and I don't like driving in any type of wintry stuff.

For some reason the spell checker is not working on blogger, so hopefully I have not misspelled things too much. Heard from someone else that said theirs was not working either. Maybe blogger needs to fix that.

Well, I think it is off to bed for me, so I can handle things at the shop and the possible weather. I will try post more frequently in the future.

Oh, and thanks to all who visit here and comment. It is always good to read everyone's wonderful comments. It keeps me going.

Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vonna said...

You've been a busy girl! All that you've stitched and shown here is lovely...and all the stitching that you've done and not shown us makes me green with envy! :)
I lost my mojo with the Village last year this time and haven't picked it up soon and I lost interest on my third block...bad me...I still love it and want to get back into it, I just haven't had much time...

Mel said...

nice to see some further progress on WIP's that you have been wanting to get further on. Sampler is looking good!
I also love the quarter heart, thanks for the link. I will have to add it to my stash and perhaps get around to it on a similar day to yours when i just need something new but small.

Novice Stitcher said...

What a pretty little Quaker heart - it does look like fun to stitch. I'll have to put it on my ever-growing list of projects that will already take all the days of my life. You are pretty much right about what I am stitching. I made some more errors on it so it is taking longer than I'd hoped, but I'll post another picture soon.

Michelle said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing your to see your stitching!