Monday, February 16, 2009

Stitching......Model Stitching

It's hard to believe that it has been 2 weeks since I last posted. Had plans to do a post last weekend, but was working while Anita, aka the LNS, and Reina were gone to the Nashville Market. Decided I better get one done before going to stitching tonight, as the girls there will be asking "When are you doing another blog?" Thanks girls for always pushing me when I am slow to blog.

I completed one of the Blue Ribbon Design's Green Letter Ornament 'Sled'. The word sled over the snowflakes is over one. I always like the look of over 1, but don't much like to do it.
Here is a little heart that I completed. It a freebie that I got last year around Valentine's Day off the Internet. Not sure where. I really like the look. Stitched on 28-ct Ivory Cashel with a limited edition Sampler Thread from a Valentine's pack. There are also 5 other colors in the pack that I have visions of doing some special things with. Have some other freebie heart designs that I would like to do. Have one that I stitched last year too. Maybe will frame them all separately and hang them together in an arrangement.

Got some more done on BC Valentine Row. Plans were to have it done by Valentine's Day, but got side tracked on the other heart design. Need to finish the tree trunk, the last 'e' , a question mark and a couple of hearts to finish it.

This morning I finished the second receiving blanket for the baby of friends in Ohio. Going to Kohl's this afternoon to get a little outfit to send along. Just used flannel and shirt-tail hemmed the pieces. Started out with 1 1/4 yard of fabric. Straightened the ends and cut off the selvages and hemmed. My niece really likes these receiving blankets because they are way bigger than the ones you buy in the store.
Along with the stitching that I showed above, i continued to do model stitching for The Sunflower Seed. Have been working on the sampler for the Shop Hop to be held locally later this spring. It is almost done, but I made a slight error and have to do a little frogging and put in a few more stitches and it will be done. Now, that Anita has gone to and returned from market, I can show you some of the things that I have stitched for her over the last few months.

First, is the big piece that I worked on late last year. It is called "Tall Seasons" and is on 30-ct R&R Antique Cotton stitched with Sampler Thread and DMC. It is a rather large piece and took me longer than it should have, but I worked on Christmas presents at the same time.

Also, I stitched this Sunflower paperweight design on 32-ct Belfast Raw Natural linen with DMC thread and put into a heart-shaped paperweight. I forgot to take a picture of the other thing that I stitched for Anita. It was a 4th of July design that was a freebie handout at market. Maybe I can remember to take a picture when I am at the shop for stitching tonight.
While Anita was gone to market, I worked my normal Thursday, then Friday, Saturday and Monday. Opened the shop on Tuesday and stayed and helped her get things in the shop returned to normal and began pricing the new stuff. Oh, and the new stuff was awesome. There is definitely some things that will be added to my stash, or 'store' as my sisters call it.

Have slowed down on my Vera addiction. Still watching ebay for a few things. Have received one more item since my last post and have one more coming. Maybe there will not need to be an intervention.

Spent Valentine's Day with my Dad and step-mother. Took lunch of Marinated BBQ Brisket, Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole, Corn and Red Velvet Cake down to them. (they are about 120 miles away). One of my sisters and her husband was there for lunch too. My other brother-in-law showed up after lunch and we met my other sister on our way home. My dad has bought another house in the same town and my sisters are making a weekend retreat/hunting lodge out of it. My Dad has not been feeling very well. He has had gout for a long time, but usually only in his feet. Now it is in all of his joints and he is having trouble getting around.

Not much else new in my world. Time to go do lunch, go do a little shopping and then to the LNS for Monday night stitching.

Happy stitching!!!!!!!