Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shop Hop and 100th Post Contest

Now I am going to provide you with a little shock therapy. Posts 2 days in a row ought to do it just fine. I promised you a Shop Hop update. We had a great day today. It is always long and tiring, but still lots of fun to see old friends that come to the Hop every year. Later in the post I will speak to the contest in honor of my 100th post.

First of all, is the Shop Hop Sampler that the pattern is provided free to all those doing the Hop. In the past, the Hop sampler has been a collaborative effort with each of the involved shops doing a piece for the sampler and then it all combined into one. This year it was decided to do something a little different. Each shop was to provide their own Shop Hop sampler. This is the one designed by Anita of The Sunflower Seed. I stitched the model on 28-ct Natural Linen with GAST fibers. It will fit into an 8x10 frame. Everything is available in the shop to make the design. After the Hop, the design will probably be released to the public.

There are 2 other Sunflower Seed designs available during the Hop. These have yet to be released by Hoffman or Norden for distribution. The first is "Resurrection". It was done on 28-ct Natural Linen with Crescent Colours. This is another design that I stitched the model for. One of our Monday Night stitchers requested Anita to design an Easter design that was not eggs and bunnies. This is the result. This was a fun stitch. I loved every minute of it, even when I had to do a little frogging.
The second new design is "Needles and Pins". This is such a fun pattern and I am sure all the "real" stitchers feel it expresses their feelings completely. Since I did not stitch this one, I am not sure what it is stitched on, but I think it is an R&R fabric with GAST fibers. Right now I think this will be the prize for my 100th post contest. I will include the fabric and fiber to stitch it. Make a comment to this post by May 8th, and then I will draw for the winner. That will give those that are behind in reading blogs to read and comment if they choose. I don't think I am ever going to get caught up. I start making progress and then I get involved in something or am away from the computer a day or so and then I am further behind again. About a week ago, I had my Google Reader under 200, but now it is back up to about 225.
Now back to things available during the Hop. You know how the new saying among the kids is "SNAP" to represent things that they are not supposed to say. Well, we have the stitchers version. "OH STITCH". Anita designed and stitched this little piece on Monday. Painted the frame from some unfinished ones in the shop. It is sooooo cute. We it kitted up in the cutest little quilted bag with the pattern, fabric and floss. It is done on 32-ct Lambswool Linen with DMC floss.

Over the last few years, Anita has hand painted snippet jars and needle boxes with her wonderful Sunflower. This year she found some interesting shapes for the snippet jars. I love the ones that look like little milk jars.

Another cute quick design that Anita came up with this little "Alphabet Coaster" series. They are so cute. I think I might make some for Christmas presents. We have all the letter available and extra coasters, if you want to do the same letter to make up a set.

Now I get down to this part and there was supposed to be another picture, but blogger must have decided that I had already put in too many. It is a little "Mini Gentle Sampler". about 4 inches square done on Dk Espresso from R&R 28 or 30-ct and done with the newest GAST colors. I stitched it in about a weekend. We have it kitted with the fabric, frame and pattern and have the threads in a separate packet. If blogger was not so picky, I would try to load it now, but it would probably screw up the rest of this post. I have already been working almost an hour loading photos and composing this. Not going to take the chance. I'll post it next time.

Tonight, I started another one of those Blackbird Design stockings from the April set. Anita got the other ones that she and I had stitched, finished. They are just so darned cute. I forgot to take a picture of them when I was taking pictures. Am using Morris's camera totally. Just don't want all my work to show up pink from my camera. Went shopping online last night. Might have figured out what kind I want to get as a replacement. Maybe can fork over the money within the next couple of weeks. I am sure that Morris is not too excited to have all these cross stitch pictures on his camera.

I have probably bored you enough with all my Shop Hop info, so I better close this down and get some rest. We still have 2 more days to go.

REMINDER: Make a comment to this post by the end of the day on May 8th and be eligible for a new project.

Still plan to post a further report on our recent retreat complete with all the funny comments.

Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick Update

For those of you that are waiting for my report on our recent stitching retreat, I am sorry, it is going to have to wait for a little longer. Decided I needed to do some kind of post in the meantime. Between my busy life and my dying digital camera, things have just not worked out for me to do a full blown report on the retreat. When I downloaded the pictures that I took at retreat, most of them had a pink tint to them. In talking to Reina, (stitching friend) she said that when hers died it was doing that. Waited to get some pictures from one of the others at the retreat. I am including some of them here. Thanks Jan.

Last week I was busy making stuff for a brunch that was held at the church on Saturday. On Friday, Morris's cousin Jackie and husband Richard came from South Dakota for a visit. They were here until Monday morning. You know how stitchers are---we would rather stitch than clean house. So I had to spend some time cleaning and preparing for their visit. I went from Wednesday night until sometime on Sunday after lunch without stitching. That is an extraordinary length of time for me to go without stitching. I am surprised that I did not turn into the b***h that I usually do when I do not get a chance to stitch. We are a wonderful time with Jackie and Richard. Even took them to a Royals baseball game on Saturday night. Royals lost. Boo!!!

However, on the stitching front I did finish something. Finished the Blackbird Design freebie that was on their blog. They were running a contest while they were gone to France. Checked in on the contest yesterday. There were 133 entrants. Wow!!! Congrats to the winner, Brenda and to one of my blogging buddies, Marie P who was one of the second place winners. My sampler was started at our stitch retreat so I put in "Stitcher's Retreat -- 2009.

Blackbird Design Freebie
30-ct Creme Brule by R&R
Mahogany Belle Soie
During our retreat, I finished my LHN--From Sea to Shining Sea. You even get to see a picture of me with it. This is one of the pictures supplied by Jan. I should have done some photo editing to cut down the size, but haven't figured out how to do that yet with pictures that I get from someone else and not downloaded through my camera program. Still am technology challenged on such things. I don't often allow my photo to be taken, much less post them here.

All that I am going to cover about our retreat is to include a group picture of all my stitching buddies. These are the same people that I stitch with every Monday night.

Back Row: (l-r) Linda, Anita, Janet, Jan
Front Row: (l-r)Reita, Reina, Marcia, Moi
Laying in Front: (l-r) Jack, Josie

The B&B where we stayed has a new rescue dog Josie. She is a beautiful Golden Retriever. They were worried about how she would handle the guests. She did great and just came in the room where were stitching and hung out with the girls. The retreat was as wonderful as it always is. Lots of laughs, a good amount of stitching and a really wild game of CLR Floss Toss. More about all of this later. Suffice it to say that there was one time I was laughing so hard that I made myself dizzy.

The big thing on the agenda right now is the Heartland Shop Hop that begins tomorrow morning at 9:00AM. Have worked at The Sunflower Seed from around noon the last two days helping Anita get ready for it. Left there tonight at closing with everything ready to roll in the morning. I am going to try to take some pictures tomorrow and if I am not too tired maybe post them tomorrow night. Anita has a freebie Shop Hop sampler done (actually I stitched the model) along with fabric, floss and frames to go with it. There are several other specials available, like a mini-sampler, a fun new little design and 2 new designs. The new designs have not even been released through Hoffman and Norden yet. I stitched one of the new designs and the mini-sampler. If you are the in the Topeka and Kansas City areas, the Hop runs Thursday through Saturday. Come in and see all the goodies that are available.

My next post will be my 100th. I will be doing some kind of giveaway to those commenting on that post. Not sure now what it will be, but it will probably be a pattern with fabric and possibly the floss too. Stay tuned for that.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is going to be a quick post with no photos. Am currently in several countdowns. To begin with, I along with my Monday Night stitching buddies are doing a retreat this weekend. Beginning about 1 tomorrow afternoon until around noon on Sunday, there will be nothing but stitching and laughing. I am taking my trusty notebook to record the many overheard remarks that need to be repeated. We all have been leading very hectic lives and need to have some chill out time with our "chick friends". We had a little test run about two weeks ago when a portion of us took a "chick trip" to the KC area to acquire some Vera Bradley bags and Brighton jewelry. I will try to do a report sometime next week. It will be a busy one for me. We will be having company from South Dakota for a long weekend plus I need to do some cooking for some events going on at the church that I cannot attend, but will help with some of the food preparation in advance.

Another countdown is my finish of LHN "From Sea to Shining Sea". I have completed all the 5 parts, now I have a little bit of vine to complete on the border. Thought I would get to it tonight, but I was cooking for the retreat and on the phone with my sister dealing with issues surrounding my elderly father. That is a totally other issue that I don't even want to get into. Not working on any Sunflower Seed design models. She had one ready for me and I started it Tuesday night and I did not think the colors were working the way she would want. Took it back to her yesterday and I was right. We have put it on the back burner for a week or so. This weekend I will work on some other WIPs and a Blackbird little stocking and freebie sampler here. Being the fiber snob that I am, I plan to stitch it with Belle Soie. Pictures later.

Two weeks from today is the first day of the Heartland Cross Stitch Shop Hop for 5 shops in Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka. Have been helping Anita at The Sunflower Seed to prepare for it. Preparations will really be intense after our time off to re-charge this weekend. Shop Hop will be April 30th, 9-6, May 1st 9-6 and May 2nd 9-5.

The final countdown has to do with my blog. This current post is No. 98. My plans are to do a giveaway to celebrate my 100th post. Not sure what the giveaway will be, but it will be something special. I am selfish, so it will not be a stitched piece. It most likely will be a pattern with fabric and maybe some of the required fibers. Probably be in the neighborhood of $20-25 retail value. So watch for the 100th post and be sure to leave me a comment on that post. I will draw from those commenters approximately a week following the post. All the details will be in the 100th post.

Off to see that my stitch bag is properly packed. That is more important than my clothes. LOL!! Thanks for stoppping in. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Framed and Other Stitching Adventures

With some tweaking and jiggling of the camera, I have managed to get some photos over the last couple of days. Most of these photos were taken at the LNS today where the lighting might be a little better. Hopefully, this was just a little hiccup with my camera. Not ready to buy a new one.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up several pieces at the framer and dropped a hefty chunk of change. It is all worth it because they do a fantastic job.
American Baby Sampler
by Willow Hill Samplings
28-ct Heritage Cashel by Picture This Plus
Mix of called for threads and some changes
Sampler Heart
Mystery Fabric
Valentine Pack Sampler Thread
Color Name - Box of Chocolates

Valentine Quaker Heart
Mystery Fabric
Needle Necessities Fiber
Quaker Motif
From Long Dog Mouline Rouge
28-ct Lambswool Linen
WDW Stepping Stones - New February 2009

Have managed to get some stitching done on From Sea to Shining Sea. Finished Part 4 and started Part 5 and some more border. Plans are still to have it done by the Shop Hop the end of the month. Haven't stitched on this for several days because....
I have become obsessed by The Blackbird Designs little monthly stockings. This one was stitched last weekend. I changed the colors on this one. I did not like the green they had used. As an example of the funky things my camera was doing, this was shown as done in black. I could not post something that was that off in color.

Fractured Quaker Stocking
30-ct Korty's Special Blend R&R
WDW - Bullfrog - New February 2009

Then this evening I finished another of the stockings. These stocking are out of the March stockings. I picked up the stuff to do the 3rd one in this month today while I was working. It called for a couple Crescent Colours that I did not have. (Just starting to get a collection of Crescent Colours)
Wild Clover Stocking
30-ct Korty's Special Blend R&R
Recommended WDW

Finished the design model that I had been working on for The Sunflower Seed. Not sure when it will be released so I can show it here. Now I am working on another small design model and it should be done in a few days. Especially, if I can stay away from doing the stockings. Anita has done one stocking from January and one from February, so I am hoping that she will provide me lots of help to get these finished to be used as store models for the Shop Hop. They are really fun to stitch, don't take much fabric or time. I am thinking that the Quaker one could be done in several complementary colors and used on a swag or wreath for Christmas.

Saturday part of our Monday Night Stitchers, aka Sunflower Stitchers are going on a road trip. We have all become Vera Bradley and Brighton jewelry nuts. In the KC metro area, there are two stores virtually side-by-side devoted to those two things. Whoopee!! A road trip. Also just down the street is a Cheesecake Factory. We are all dusting off our credit cards and ready for a big day.

BETSY UPDATE: She is doing better. Anita is giving her insulin shops after she eats twice a day. She was so glad to be home from the vet and be at the shop again. Has been doing some limping around, so ended up getting some meds for osteoarthritis and that seems to have helped her. Since she was a pound puppy, we don't know for sure how old she is, but we think in the neighborhood of 13. So she is entitled to have a few aches and pains. We will just take good care of her.

I am still trying to get caught up reading blogs in my Google Reader. I am getting closer to being caught up, but you all keep posting, sometimes faster than I can read. Have not been doing too much commenting. Sorry!!! I am concentrating on getting read and caught up. I will say that I see some amazing stitching going on out there. It all does a very good job of enabling me. Thanks everyone. All your visits and comments are greatly appreciated.

Just was looking at the number of posts that I have had. I am closing in on 100 posts. Have been thinking of doing some type of give-away to celebrate that. Not sure what it will be, but keep watching.
Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!