Thursday, April 2, 2009

Framed and Other Stitching Adventures

With some tweaking and jiggling of the camera, I have managed to get some photos over the last couple of days. Most of these photos were taken at the LNS today where the lighting might be a little better. Hopefully, this was just a little hiccup with my camera. Not ready to buy a new one.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up several pieces at the framer and dropped a hefty chunk of change. It is all worth it because they do a fantastic job.
American Baby Sampler
by Willow Hill Samplings
28-ct Heritage Cashel by Picture This Plus
Mix of called for threads and some changes
Sampler Heart
Mystery Fabric
Valentine Pack Sampler Thread
Color Name - Box of Chocolates

Valentine Quaker Heart
Mystery Fabric
Needle Necessities Fiber
Quaker Motif
From Long Dog Mouline Rouge
28-ct Lambswool Linen
WDW Stepping Stones - New February 2009

Have managed to get some stitching done on From Sea to Shining Sea. Finished Part 4 and started Part 5 and some more border. Plans are still to have it done by the Shop Hop the end of the month. Haven't stitched on this for several days because....
I have become obsessed by The Blackbird Designs little monthly stockings. This one was stitched last weekend. I changed the colors on this one. I did not like the green they had used. As an example of the funky things my camera was doing, this was shown as done in black. I could not post something that was that off in color.

Fractured Quaker Stocking
30-ct Korty's Special Blend R&R
WDW - Bullfrog - New February 2009

Then this evening I finished another of the stockings. These stocking are out of the March stockings. I picked up the stuff to do the 3rd one in this month today while I was working. It called for a couple Crescent Colours that I did not have. (Just starting to get a collection of Crescent Colours)
Wild Clover Stocking
30-ct Korty's Special Blend R&R
Recommended WDW

Finished the design model that I had been working on for The Sunflower Seed. Not sure when it will be released so I can show it here. Now I am working on another small design model and it should be done in a few days. Especially, if I can stay away from doing the stockings. Anita has done one stocking from January and one from February, so I am hoping that she will provide me lots of help to get these finished to be used as store models for the Shop Hop. They are really fun to stitch, don't take much fabric or time. I am thinking that the Quaker one could be done in several complementary colors and used on a swag or wreath for Christmas.

Saturday part of our Monday Night Stitchers, aka Sunflower Stitchers are going on a road trip. We have all become Vera Bradley and Brighton jewelry nuts. In the KC metro area, there are two stores virtually side-by-side devoted to those two things. Whoopee!! A road trip. Also just down the street is a Cheesecake Factory. We are all dusting off our credit cards and ready for a big day.

BETSY UPDATE: She is doing better. Anita is giving her insulin shops after she eats twice a day. She was so glad to be home from the vet and be at the shop again. Has been doing some limping around, so ended up getting some meds for osteoarthritis and that seems to have helped her. Since she was a pound puppy, we don't know for sure how old she is, but we think in the neighborhood of 13. So she is entitled to have a few aches and pains. We will just take good care of her.

I am still trying to get caught up reading blogs in my Google Reader. I am getting closer to being caught up, but you all keep posting, sometimes faster than I can read. Have not been doing too much commenting. Sorry!!! I am concentrating on getting read and caught up. I will say that I see some amazing stitching going on out there. It all does a very good job of enabling me. Thanks everyone. All your visits and comments are greatly appreciated.

Just was looking at the number of posts that I have had. I am closing in on 100 posts. Have been thinking of doing some type of give-away to celebrate that. Not sure what it will be, but keep watching.
Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!


Kim B said...

What beautiful framing on your lovely projects! Glad to hear Betsy is on the mend!

Vonna said...

All your framed works are just stunningly gorgeous! I love them all :)
And I really love those stockings too, I need to stitch them - I have the patterns....
Always stitching...not enough time in the day ;)

CindyMae said...

Oh my, the framed pieces look just absolutely amazing!!! Wonderful and beautiful progress on your WIP's!!! I hope Betsy does well and I am sure that she will! Lots of love will help!

Brigitte said...

Your framed pieces look terrific. It's amzing what a frame can do to a piece.
BBD stockings - a wonderful idea and I will certainly stitch them, too.

Sonda in OR said...

Love those framed pieces!!! And the stockings are fabulous!

Sharon said...

As per usual, you are quite the busy one~but ohh, what fun! Your framed pieces are all so absolutely gorgeous!!! I adore BBD...period. Tee hee Anything and everything.

Have a most wonderful week ahead~filled with loads of stitching time too. :-)

Miokka said...

Beautiful finished finishes! I want them all! Good to hear that Betsy is better too. You get so much done! For your 100th post? How 'bout giving away a round trip airline ticket?
Just a suggestion! LOL! Your updates always to my heart good!
Happy Easter!

Kajsa said...

The framed pieces look great and I love those little stockings. I'm happy to hear that Betsy is doing better.

Sharon said...

Beautiful framed pieces!

Miokka said...

Knock knock??? I'm just holding my breath waiting for the retreat post!