Monday, March 30, 2009

Camera Problems

Last night I was all ready to do this big post with lots of pictures and the camera started acting up. All the photos came out with a slight pink cast to them. Could it be that my 5 - year old digital is dying on me? Planned to show 4 framed pieces and progress on "From Sea to Shining Sea". Also this weekend, I finished one of the Blackbird Designs Stockings from the March set. Of course I changed the color and "no" I did not use silk. LOL. Have done a little playing with the camera and I have taken a picture here at the LNS while I am working. It looks better. Maybe tonight I can get some photos up.

Yes, I am working on a Monday. Betsy the shop dog has been sick and Anita called me yesterday that she was not doing very well and had an appointment at the vet for her this morning. We were both thinking the worst. However, this morning she was better so we may have dodged a bullet. Late last week she was diagnosed with diabetes. Never heard of it in dogs, but have heard of it in cats. Hopefully she continues to improve. Those furbabies are a very important part of our lives.

Better get back to work/stitching. Try to have pictures, etc tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks to all who visit and comment. It is greatly appreciated..


Natasha said...

glad to hear the doggie is okay...Take care

Theresa said...

Hey Kathy--wishing the best for Betsy!!

Kim B said...

Poor pup! Feel better Betsy!

I hope the camera recovers from whatever is ailing it!

CindyMae said...

I hope that Betsy is doing well!!! I am looking forward to seeing some pics of your work soon, hope your camera has not died totally!!!

Michele B. said...

Maybe it's time for a new camera, not that I am trying to enable you to improve your technology! Hope Betsy is doing okay.