Thursday, May 31, 2007

My First Post

Welcome to my blog and my first post. This blog thing is totally new to me. One of the customers at my LNS (The Sunflower Seed) was telling me about her blog and told me I should start one. So here goes.

I have been cross stitching since the very early 1980's. I retired a little over 3 years ago and my intent was to spend all my time cross stitching. I have not totally accomplished that. Now I help out at my LNS whenever I am needed. I also stitch store models and design models for the owner of The Sunflower Seed. You can view her designs at I just completed 2 designs for her that should be out soon. Also have completed 2 small store models. Both of the store models are from Simple Stitches. 1. Just One More Stitch 2. Don't Cross Me When I Am Stitchin'.

One of the other loves of my life is my almost 10-year old Boston Terrier Muffin. She loves to sit in my lap when I am stitching. I tried to upload a picture, but that is a process that will take more time to learn. My picture was toooooo big. She also comes to the shop with me on some days.

Thanks, Julie for getting me started. Hope this will not take too much time away from my stitching. I am one that stitches on many things at one time, or at least, has several things started all the time. On my next post I will do a partial list of things that I have started and try to post pictures of some of the most recent things completed.