Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day and update


Hope everyone got treated special on this day of love. Mine was a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Yum! Yum!

In my last post, I promised pictures of my stitching progress on my current projects. There has been some progress on VoHRH, Block 4. It is becoming abundantly clear that I am not going to be able to stitch a block a month. Stitching lots of solid pieces like the entire house without having something else to work on really bores me. Apparently, I suffer from Adult Attention Deficit. However, if I have other things to work on along the way, I do fairly well. Now I am going to keep working on it, but not beat myself up if I don't get a block done each month. My friend that is the fastest stitcher that I know is now working on the last block and she only started The Village the 1st of October with some time out to stitch a couple of other things and a few Christmas ornaments. I think she must stitch while she is asleep.

When I was covering the LNS while the owner was gone to the Nashville market, I had some time to work on Spring Snapperland. This is one of my WIPs that is easier to see at the shop without my light/magnifier. Getting closer on the 1st block of the 4 in the entire piece. You will remember that Blocks 2 & 3 are already done. This photo is a little blurry and wonky. At least, the little girl does not have a block head like she did before she got hair and hair bow. LOL!

There has been other stitching going too. I have the 2nd of 6 pieces of the shop hop sampler done. It is looking good, but, of course, no photos. However, I have a new development on the Pink Blossom Sampler that I have been working on for my friend Sandi. I have been stuggling to work on that piece, so I resolved at the beginning of the year that I would work on it weekly. I had been doing that. This past Tuesday I did not get to it until about 8PM. The owner of the LNS got caught in ice and snow coming home from Nashville on Monday, so I covered the store on Tuesday as well. Then she came in and I just HAD to help her unpack all the new things! LOL! So, it was later in the evening before I had a chance to stitch, but I did stitch 2 entire bands on the sampler. Then I realized I had made a small error, but decided it was not going to be noticeable to anyone but me. Still just added to my frustration with the piece. Wednesday was the day we have afternoon stitch therapy at the LNS and Sandi has been joining us most Wednesdays. She had offered several months ago to finish up her own piece. Well, after all my struggles, I decided to ask her if she really meant what she had offered. I asked and she said "YES". WooHoo!!!! She said do you have it with you and I walked over to my stitch bag and pulled it out. I have it more than half done and she was surprised at my progress. She said she was more than happy to do it and I am so relieved that I don't have to stuggle with it anymore. I really owe her a debt of gratitude and will make it up to her. She is defintely one of my best friends.

When Anita goes to market she always aske me what I want and I usually give her a list of a couple of things. Here are the two things she brought back for me.
by Courtney Collection
Simple Little Quaker
by Papillon Creations
Love them both. Not sure when I will ever stitch them. I have really fallen in love with the quaker designs. My likes are so eclectic that my pattern stash covers a lot of things. I have not even decided what other things that Anita brought back from market are things that I "HAVE" to have. Her selection of new things was outstanding. She brought back several pieces of the Weeks Dye Works linen. I love several of the colors. Previously, we had a couple of pieces of the more neutral colors. It is hard to make choices without seeing them in real life. I hope she designs something to use it and I get to stitch it. I want to use some of it soon. Going in to the shop tomorrow to help her assemble patterns to fill orders for patterns that she ran out of at market and to send to Hoffman. Probably will have to get some more stuff from her market newbies.

Today I received some other stash enhancements from Stitches 'n Things from their Super Bowl sale. I forgot to take pictures. That will have to be next time.

You will have to excuse any misspelled words, the spell checker on blogger is still not working for me.

That just about covers things for now. Think I will go see if I can get some more done on VoHRH.


Vonna said...

All your stitching looks divine :)
And the stash is looking good...can't wait to see what you got from Stitches 'n Things :)

And I must say as I read your opening words...I sighed in ecstasy thinking about a Dairy Queen most favorite treat!

Itching To Stitch said...

Block 4 is looking great on your Village. Keep at it, it's gorgeous when finished. Nice stash you got too ;)

Michelle said...

Kathy, you are making some great progress!! I can't wait to see what Anita brought back from Nashville. :)


Kajsa said...

You are doing so good on Villages, I really love the look of this block.

Nice progress on the Spring Snapper too!

Margie said...

Dairy Queen cakes are my favorite! :-) I love the quaker you bought. Just the right size.

tkdchick said...

All of your wips are looking great!!

Mel said...

looking great Kathy!
Dairy Queen cakes are sooo yummy! :)
And of course always nice to get new stash items.

Mel said...

thanks for your wonderful birthday wishes Kathy! :)
Have a great weekend

Michelle said...

Hi Kathy,

Stop by..I've got something for you!


Wanda said...

I think you are making great progress th village! I think I need some meds to help me stay focused!