Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and stitching updates

Happy New Year!!! to all my stitching and blogging buddies. Hard to believe it is 2008 already. There was a time that it was hard to believe that we would even be in the 2000's and now here it is 2008. The past year actually just flew by. It really is true that as you age time does go faster. LOL.

Traditionally, over the last several years we have celebrated New Year's Eve with a group of friends at one guy's house in the country. This year we had not seen much of him, nor had we had an invitation to his house. So my plans were to stay home and stitch. Late Sunday night he called and asked if we were coming. I told him we needed to be invited. He said that we were expected to be there. Our plans were go and not be gone too long. Need to get home and take care of our invalid, Muffin. That is what another friend calls the dog now.

Thinking I was going to be able to stitch all day really got changed by being invited out. I ended up having to make a run to the grocery store to get stuff to take for New Year's Eve. Made a new chip dip and brownies. Jerry always does Queso and cooks some little smokies, so those were crossed off my list. We ended up with a very small group, smaller than usual, and it was great. We took Mexican Train Dominoes. No one had ever played before except for me and it had been a long time. We watched football, Times Square celebration and dominoes. It just kept getting later and later and someone would say "Just one more round of dominoes". We did a couple of extra rounds. By the time we made our 30 minute drive home it was almost 3:30AM before we got home. Then it was put the dog out and put things away and crawling into bed about 4:00M. WOW, I am too old to be keeping those kinds of hours. LOL.

Now for stitching progress. Block 3 of Village of Hawk Run Hollow was supposed to be done by the end of the month. The last few days I had been stitching like a mad women on it, but it is not quite done. With maybe 4 hours more of work, I can have it done. Will post a photo at that point. That block has so much solid stitching. I think the city hall itself is over 3500 stitches. I was hoping I could get it done before the 1st and then I could stitch on something else for a while before I started the next block. That would give me the adrenalin rush that I need to continue on.

While reading all the blogs and the group comments on the boards I am on, I figured out that I was supposed to start something new on the 1st. Must be a think like eating black-eyed peas on New Year's for good luck. I never turn down the opportunity to start something new. LOL. So after sleeping late this morning, I started Bent Creek's --Spring Snapperland. Doing all 4 designs on one piece of 28-ct. Smokey Pearl Cashel with the recommended threads. Seems like I am making good progress, especially when I am not stitching solid stitching designs, like VOHRH. Will post a picture next time.

It has been a chilly day here. Wind chills in the single digits all day. Good day to be inside sleeping, stitching and watching football.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve and are looking forward to happy and healthy 2008. Lots of stitching time, finishing and stashing. Thanks all for visiting and commenting. I love it. Today must be a good day for blogging. When I checked my Google reader before I started this, I had 22 blogs to read. You all have been busy. Lots of fun for me to read and get caught up.

Off to stitch and watch some football. Blessing to all of you in 2008


Hannah said...

Happy 2008, Kathy! Hope your doggie is better soon. I can't imagine going through what you are!!

My family plays the Mexican train game as well. We usually all go to my Grandma's house and play. This year, all of my family is away in upstate NY... so DBF and I just stayed home and played a little Rock Band.

DBF was asleep at 11 while I stayed up to watch the happenings in Times Square. I woke him up at midnight to give me a quick kiss. Then he rolled back over and was out like a light! lol

Miokka said...

Thanks for visiting and posting on my blog!
Rusty Wallace still is my favorite driver! It's hard to replace him!
We love Mexican train too!
Hope your doggie is better soon.
Happy New Year!

DaisyGirl said...

I sacked out right after midnight, I can't stay up late like I use to. I got VoHHR for Christmas! Gonna start pulling threads this week. Hope your doggy is better.

Itching To Stitch said...

Kathy- Thanks for the comment on my blog. It feels good to be back.

Keep going with VoHRH. I finished mine on Christmas day. I'll be posting a pic soon.

Happy 2008 ;)

Peg said...

Sounds like a fun night. I had grandsons over and we "toasted" in the new year with sparkling grape juice in real wine glasses at midnight. They thought that was fun. Hope 2008 is a great year and Muffin gets a good report at the vet this week.

Ranae said...

Happy Stitching 2008!!

Michelle said...


Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a fun time.. (I'd want an invite too..not just assume). We are getting ready for a wopper of a storm that will last until next week. Rain, flooding, wind! What a way to ring in the new year.. At least I have a new project to work on!

My parents got me Anita's pattern "HOME." They also got me the fabric and the WDW thread! What a nice surprise.. I guess my Dad got an education on specialty threads versus DMC ~ he's so funny!

Have a great weekend..