Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Finish and Almost Finish

The completion of Block 3 of VoHRH has been traumatic. You will remember in my last post, I had run out of the Vikki Clayton silk for the signboard. Well, getting thread to finish the block became an adventure. In looking at my thread for the rest of the piece, I found another skein of the color I needed. However, it was a TOTALLY different color. Called Anita at the LNS-The Sunflower Seed and she said she had several skeins of that color. Stopped in there on Saturday and none of those came close to matching my thread. We ended up picking a DMC color that was a close as we could get it to the color I already had used. It really is not too noticeable. I will wait until I have the entire piece done before I decide whether I will leave it or rip it all out. I remember looking at the picture on the pattern and thinking that either my color was a lot lighter or the photo was not a true representation of the color. Came home after attending a local hockey game and finished up Block 3. Still need to put french knots in the flag for stars, but will wait until the end to do that. So I was 5 days late on my target finishing date. Probably will start Block 4 in a day or so. Need to unwind from this one before I start the next one.
From reading every one's blogs and being in a Yahoo stitch group, it became clear that you should always start something new on January 1st. Here is what I started.
Spring Snapperland
Motif 3 - The Coop
by Bent Creek
28-ct Smokey Pearl Cashel
Recommended Threads
I will be putting all 4 motifs on the same piece of fabric. It is all done except for the bucket in the farmer's hand an french knot eyes for the hens and chicks. The bucket is supposed to be in GAST - Barn Gray. Hard to believe that with all the thread I have that I did not have that one. Another thread incident!!! Going to Wednesday afternoon stitch therapy tomorrow and will get the thread and finish this motif tomorrow. Yea!!!

It seemed odd to not be stitching on something for The Sunflower Seed. So when I was at the shop on Saturday, Anita had everything kitted up for the 2008 Shop Hop Sampler. Five shops within about a 90 mile radius put on a shop hop the 1st weekend in May. (May 1,2 &3) Each shop hands out a piece of the sampler and when you have them all they all go together as a sampler. Anita designed the border and arranged the five designs into the sampler. I will be working on this in between all my other projects. It is a rather sizable piece and it will need to be framed so I only have about 3 months to get it done.

Today was Tuesday, so it was my day to stitch 1 hour on my Pink Blossom Sampler for my friend Sandi. The hour of the day I picked, I ended up with 2 or 3 phone calls. Therefore I did not get too much done, but did extend the hour some. Did make some progress, but not enough to warrant a picture.

That just about covers everything for now. Muffin went to the vet on Monday. He said she is better, but to continue the crating. Have 3 more weeks at least.
Keep on Stitching!!!!!!!!!!


Itching To Stitch said...

Congratulations on finishing Block #3. It came out beautiful. I think in many instances Vikki Clayton's silks are very different from NPI and DMC colors. Your block looks great though, I can see any difference from the pic you posted.

Your Bent Creek piece is off to a super start also ;)

Vonna said...

You ladies are just so inspiring with your Village SAL...I have blocks one and two finished and 12 started....it's in my 2008 goals to pull it out and start working on it again...but I'm just so COVERED up at the moment!
Your BC snapper start is lovely!

Ranae said...

Congrats! on block 3. It looks great.
I hear alot of people say that the different colors give it charcter. I think more of a vintage look if it's the right design though.
BC is so cute. I cant wait to see the whole thing done up.
Good Luck! on block 4.

Mel said...

from your photo it doesn't appear to have any colour issues, it looks great!

Sonda in OR said...

They look great to me!! I'm in awe of everyone's Village work. And the snapper is wonderful, too...it's on my someday list.

Mindi said...

Congratulations on finishing block 3! From the picture, I can't even tell you used a different floss.

Michelle said...

Good job on your finish..it looks really nice. I'm hoping to start my new project this week/weekend. I'm going to post a picture of what my parents bought from Anita and show some pics of my last visit to the Sunflower Seed, probably tomorrow.

I'm glad to hear Muffin is doing better :)

Have a great night.. I'm going out to dinner! Yum!

Marie-P said...

You are good!!! :) Congrats on your block #3 finish. I will take a picture of mine (not completed) and post in the next few days. Your block looks so good! That thread issue must have been such a pain but you managed to resolve it quite well.
Can you email me with info on the Yahoo stitching group please??? I am interested in joining a new group.

jane said...

I think your block looks great like it is! I actually feel inspired to start trying to catch up with you. I'll post what I have done by Sunday night.

Kajsa said...

Your finishes are so pretty! I'm starting Block # 3 this week, now when I have seen yours I can't wait.

jane said...

Hello Again Kathy...
You've Been Tagged.
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I've been stitching on the VOHRH!