Sunday, June 10, 2007


After a whirlwind week, things slowed down long enough today for me to get some pictures taken of my WIP. I am what many call, an eclectic stitcher. I have a variety of interests and have many projects going at one time. That way I never get bored or burned out. Many times my mood determines what I stitch on that day. Also deadlines for gifts or design models enters into the equation also. Some people might say I suffer from Adult Attention Deficit. The best part of having several projects going at one time is when you are able to finish a couple of them within days of each other. It really gives you a big sense of accomplishment.
Following are some of my current WIPs.
Now I Lay Me Down

This is a baby sampler for my new great nephew born May 16th. It is from a very old book with a 1983 copyright from The Stitching Post and named Country Samplers. I have done this design once before, but it has been a long time ago. It only has 3 colors in it. I have changed them to overdyes. In the middle will be a silhouette of two children kneeling in prayer. They were to be done in Sampler Thread - Tin Bucket, but that was not working out so I changed back to the DMC. Had to do some of the frog stitch, but am not back at it. This will be a priority to get done before some of the others. Almost forgot, the fabric is 25-ct Natural Pearl.

Christmas Stack by Waxing Moon

This is being done pretty much as called for in the pattern. The fabric is 28-ct babbling brook lugana, I think.

Quaker Square by The Workbasket

The Workbasket put out two leaflets, one being Quaker Odds, for the odd numbered months and Quaker Evens, for the even numbered months. After stitching my Quaker Santa and a couple of other small all one color designs, I have really gotten into doing this type of stitching. One day at the LNS, the owner Anita and I were talking. She said there ought to be a way that we could stitch several of the odds and even together in one piece. We figured out of the 12 there were 4 that were 65x65. So I decided to see what I could come up with. I had been looking at this fabric in the shop for a long time. It is 28-ct Mulberry cashel linen. ( I love anything purple or remotely purple). I have stitched a few things with Needle Necessities so decided to try to find a fiber in my stash. This is 170 Mauna Loa. The coloring does not come through in the photograph very well. Still need to work on my photography skills.

Little Witch by M Designs

This is one that I could not do exactly like the pattern. I am using 30-ct R&R Creme Brulee instead of 32-ct something. I also changed the Needlepoint Silk to Weeks and Sampler Threads. I pulled on the DMC equivalents for the NPS and then matched up to the overdyes. Then since Anita, at the LNS is a designer and wonderful with colors, I had her approve my selections. She only changed one. It also called for 3 different Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors. It is the black, the purple hair and lettering and the wild color one in the border and other places in the design. There are beads that trim the border of her hat.
Quaker Snowman by The Workbasket
This is the companion piece for my Quaker Santa (aka Santa Burl). Again I had to make some changes from the model. I am using 28-ct Dawn cashel from Picture This Plus overdyed fabric with Needle Necessities. I think the color is Thin Ice. Rather appropriate for a snowman.

Below is the finished stand-up of my Quaker Santa (aka Santa Burl) that I promised to post a picture. He stays on display at the LNS, The Sunflower Seed.

I have taken some more pictures of other things that I have finished over the last few months. Julie, who introduced me to blogging, mentioned that Fridays were traditionally used for posting finished projects. I will wait until then to do those. Besides this post is getting rather long anyway. I was going to include some pictures and let you know how things went at my Saturday morning church meeting that I was up late making meatballs for, but I decided that would be for another time.
Went back to Kansas City yesterday afternoon to see the Fargo cousins, then on to the KC Royals ballgame. They lost. We have not seen them win since we were there for opening day. Last night was a pitching duel and the game was over in a little over 2 hours with a 6:00PM start.. I was totally amazed that we were leaving the game and it was not even dark yet. Stopped in Lawrence and had drinks and dessert with friends there.

Today was a very lazy day after all of the things that went on this past week I needed to do that. Have a couple of things going on this week and then maybe a weekend with some college friends. We are trying to start a regularly scheduled get together once a year of a group of us that were always together in college.
I did spend some time today looking for a little flag pattern that I have done several times. I need to make a couple of more to give away when we make a trip to South Dakota to see relatives coming in from Oregon. I seldom stitch on aida anymore, but since these are giveaways, I will do them on aida. That was a trick trying to find some in my stash to stitch on. It takes only about 2 hours to stitch one of them. They are 28x19 stitches.
You know I have blabbed on long enough and you are all probably thing this woman is such a motor mouth. Off to stitch on the baby sampler for awhile
Keep crossing those stitches!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie said...

Sounds like you had a great day in KC even though the Royals lost - surprise, surprise.
I love the Quaker piece your stitching, the fabric and threads go together so well!
You may post pictures of finished pieces and whatever else on any day you like. I'd enjoy seeing things you've already stitched.

Marie-P said...

Hi Kathy, Well I am relatively new to blogging an did not know that Friday was used to post finished project :-} so thanks!
I LOVE your witch ~ I am a fan of Halloween decorations. I just ordered some personalized Tree Ornament Designs from her...Will need to consider purchasing this design as well.
Your Santa turned out beautiful, did you do the finish work as well?
You are right we do seem to like the same style & designers.
Enjoy the upcoming weekend!