Wednesday, June 20, 2007

College Get Together and New Furniture

As I mentioned in my last post I was going to have a get together with several of my college friends on Saturday. Four of us did get together and had a great time. Made plans to do it again later in the summer and hope that more could join us. While in college all of us lived in a small scholarship house and became quite close during our college days. Sometimes as we go out into each of our own worlds we lose track of each other, but we never forget each other. I guess as we get older we want to rekindle those special friendships and make a greater effort to get together. I had not seen one of the gals for probably 20 years. It was a great time.

We got together in a small town of about 1500 about 30 miles from where we went to college. They were have what they call Wah-Shun-Ga Days. It is like a heritage festival celebrating the towns at stop on the Santa Fe Trail and they had a mission for the Kaw Indians and is named for an Indian Chief. As for all small towns they had a nice parade. Maybe not as big as in the past, but still very good. I have included some pictures that I took. Below is Old Glory carried on horseback.

These are the Women of the Wild West. They dress in period costumes and make lots of noise and act sort of crazy. I have seen them also do stage acts at various events. This time they were only riding horses.What is a parade without the Shriners? Here they are in their mini roadsters. There was also some on mini motorcycles. Each group does various formations and have lots of fun.

Here we have a classic car. I think this is a 1955 Chevrolet. There were several, plus there was also a classic car show as a part of the festivities
Found this to be a cute little horse drawn cart.

This looks like one of my dad's tractors. This community is surrounded by farmers and ranchers, so why wouldn't you want to include a tractor.
We also checked out a flea market that was held in conjunction with the event. There were carnival rides and the normal foods that would be at any festival. Turkey legs, funnel cakes, lemonade and BBQ sandwiches. It was fun to do all this and also get to visit with friends. We made plans to get together again and try to get more to come too.

Also last week, I had new furniture delivered. What a challenge that has been. It is replacing something that I have had more years than I would even want to admit. We had looked a long time to find something that both me and my significant other (SO) both liked. We finally found something and then it was not in the warehouse so we got to order it and pick colors. SO said you pick color, whatever you pick will be fine. Well, after it was delivered he decided it was too big and he was not sure about the color. After much consternation, etc. we have decided to keep it. I had to get help from the LNS, who has a good decorating eye, to tell SO that it was perfect. Below are pictures of the couch and loveseat. The loveseat has a console with cupholder and and place to stash things. Actually the LNS owner told me if her husband sat down in that she would never get him out. The color in the pictures is not exactly what it looks like in person. We have decided, depending on the dye lot you have it is somewhere between Nutmeg and Sarsparilla in Sampler Thread and Hazelnut in Weeks. That really tells you how addicted we are to cross stitch when we equate colors to the color of floss.

No stitching progress pictures. I am getting close to having the Now I Lay Me Down Baby sampler done. Probably by the end of the week. Also, stitching on a design model for The Sunflower Seed, so you will not see that until it is released as a pattern.

I have been having some computer issues so they are coming tomorrow to work on it. UGH!!! Hope it is nothing on my end. They have now said it is on the line outside the house. Now I am off to a small afternoon stitch group. Fun! Fun!


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Julie said...

Love your furniture! Glad you enjoyed your visit with your college buddies.