Friday, June 15, 2007


As you all know I am new to this blog thing, but one thing my coach (Julie) informed me of was that past completed projects can be posted on Flashback Friday. So here we go with a couple of finished pieces. I was going to put a couple of other on with this post as well, but today, when I was at the LNS where they are being used as models, I found that the memory card for my camera was still in my printer where I had downloaded pictures. These pictures I had taken last week.
Stars and Stripes Forever
by Bent Creek

The design was stitched on 28-ct Mercedes Linen from Picture This Plus. The original design was done on some cream or tan like fabric. I thought the blue really did more for the design. No other changes were made in the stitching. The frame is from East Side Moulding.
Winter Snapperland
by Bent Creek

All 4 designs were stitched on the same piece of fabric. The fabric is 28-ct Vintage Country Mocha Cashel Linen. Nothing else was changed from the designer. It is double frame from East Side Moulding. This was really fun to stitch. If I did not already have so many WIPs, I would be starting the Spring one. One word about using the overdyes instead of DMC floss. I have a friend that started this same design after I had started mine, but she was using DMC. After she saw my piece mostly completed, she told me that now she wished she had done in the called for overdyes and guessed she would have to stitch it a second time to get the look of the overdyes. She had already stitched too much to frog and start over.

As I have mentioned before, I work a day here and there at my LNS - The Sunflower Seed. She also has a design business of the same name. Just a little heads-up. She just released 3 new designs within the last couple of days. One is a pet memorial sampler and then a boy and girl baby samplers. The designs can be viewed on her web site Copies are winging their way to the distributors, Hoffman and Norden and should be available in your LNS in a week or so. If you don't have access to a LNS, you can order them directly from The Sunflower Seed. All that information is on the web site. I stitch design models for her and I stitched both of the baby samplers. It is fun to be the first one to stitch a design. The biggest problem is that it takes away from the time I can stitch on my own projects. But I look at is as a job that I get to do at home, and I do take out time to stitch on my own projects so I don't get burned out on any one thing. I just started another design model for her on Tuesday, so my posted progress on my projects will be minimal.

Staying with the theme of Flashback Friday, I am spending the day on Saturday with 2 possibly 3 of my college friends. We will be going about an hour away from where I live to a festival in the town where one of live. We have been out of college more years than I want to admit, but there is a small core of friends that have maintained our closeness through the years. It will be a typical festival with a parade, arts and crafts, carnival rides and food among the activities available. It should be a great time. Probably not much stitching time on this day. Will try to make up for it on Sunday.

Everyone have a good weekend. Keep crossing those stitches.



Marie-P said...

Nice job on your "finishes" ~ I have the same Bent Creek Winter design to stitch, love it! Need to get the fabric.
Hope you had a great time with your college friends!

Julie said...

SO now, what does Anita stitch? :-) Looks like most of the store models are yours. They are very nice, but I couldn't leave them at the store!