Saturday, June 2, 2007

Second Time Around

Taking a break from stitching. Been a fairly lazy end of the week and start of the weekend. After traveling over the Memorial Day holiday. As I said in my first post, this whole blogging thing is very new to me. I am including a couple of things that I have finished lately. Since I do a lot of design model stitching for my LNS (The Sunflower Seed), I am not able to post pictures of them here.

Below is Quaker Santa by The Workbasket. It was stitched on 28ct Lambswool Linen with Needle Necessities Razzle Dazzle Red and Waterlilies Opal. All of which is different than was indicated by the pattern. The pattern was 36ct. I don't do anything that small very often. Also call for Wisper for all the white. Wisper is not that fun to stitch with, so I changed to the silk. Since this picture was taken he has been finished into a stand-up. I will put a picture on later of the stand-up. As I was stitching this piece, I kept thinking the Santa looked like another Santa I had seen. After a while, I decided he looked like Burl Ives in the cartoon Rudolph. Now I have mentioned this to several other people and they agreed. My local shop owner even talked the designers at market and told them what we thought and they were amazed at the likeness. So now, we always refer to him as Santa Burl.

This next piece I stitched as a baby sampler for the first grandchild of my best friend from college. I was looking for somthing that was not too fancy because the baby's mother is just not into fancy and traditional type things. It is a La-D-Da design, Now I Lay Me... done on 28 ct Raw Natural Cashel Linen with the overdyes that it called for. I extended the dark line border below the sun to make room for the name and date. That was done in a purple since mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and myself are all Kansas State grads and we had to get the purple in there somewhere. Mom was very pleased when she opened it at the shower. She just kept looking at it and saying "It is awesome".

Now I am including a picture of my dog Muffin. She is an almost 10-year old Boston Terrier. This picture is a couple of years old because she is beginning to show her age by getting more white around her eyes. She loves to go for car rides, even if it is just to ride into the garage to park the car. I take her with me when the weather allows when I am out running errands. She also goes with me sometimes when I work at The Sunflower Seed. She loves people, maybe too much. Right now she is waiting for me to get of this dumb computer so I will go sit down and stitch so she can curl up in my lap or beside me.

Currently, I am working on a design model for The Sunflower Seed. She does an annual Kansas Christmas design and this is what I am working on. I hope to have it done by the first of the week.

As I said before I always have several things in progress. Right now they include a baby sampler for my nephew's second child, a Halloween witch, a Waxing Moon Christmas design, a retirement gift for a friend and another Workbasket Quaker design. Now that I know a little about putting pictures on, I will try to get some pictures posted for those.

Off to do more stitching. Hope you enjoy seeing things that I have made.

Happy stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie said...

Hi Kathy, the pictures look great. Care to share any hints about the new KS Christmas pattern??? :-)

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, welcome to blogging! Your stitching is beautiful and Muffin sure is a sweetie!!

Vonna said...

Welcome to blogdom Kathy :)
I'm a friend of Julie's. I love to see all your work and your dog is a cutie :)
I've got you bloglined so I'll be back again next update :)

Marie-P said...

Hi Kathy...I came over from Julie's Blog and I am glad that I did! I LOVE the Workbasket Design ~ Beautiful stitching.
I am a big fan of La-D-Da, love your work on that one as well.
Your dog Muffin is really cute :-D.

Have a great weekend~

Lavender Rose said...

I'm a good stitching friend of Julies, and I'm happy to meet you. Welcome to our stitch blogging world. Your Santa is darling, and so is Muffin!! You're really going to love hanging out blogging, it's addictive!!
Deb in FL