Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Still Here

Just a quick update on what is happening. I don't have any pictures to include now. Since I do design stitching for The Sunflower Seed, I cannot show you the progress I have been making on a new design for her. Monday I went into the LNS, also called The Sunflower Seed to assist the owner/designer in assembling 200 patterns each of her two new baby sampler designs for shipment to Hoffman Distributing.

Tuesday was spent doing some errands including a stop at the frame shop to take in the completed baby sampler pictured in my last post and 2 mini flags that I plan to give to Aunts in South Dakota next month.

I am one of those stitchers that tends to jump around on projects depending on my mood that particular day. So the last couple of days I have stitched on my Best of Blessing piece and my Quaker Odds and Evens sampler. I have two of the motifs done on the Quaker Sampler. A picture of it was included a couple of posts back. Neither had enough progress to warrant a new picture. Most of my time has been devoted to The Sunflower Seed design.

Today (Wednesday) or yesterday depending on the time this gets posted, I spent the day with a friend doing something that I enjoy, but have not had a chance to do for a few months. We went to an Indian Casino to play bingo and do a few slot machines. There are several Indian Casinos neer where we live and until mid-March my friend and I went several times a month to play bingo. That bingo hall closed and the one that we went to today is about 35 miles further up the road and we had resisted temptation to go until today. We had a great time. Neither of us won anything at bingo, but she won $150 on the slots. I won about $25, but fed it back into the machine. LOL.

Before I started this post, I tried to make some changes in the appearance of my blog. Not sure I like it yet, so bear with me. This whole thing is so new and I am still learning. So many of you have nice and pretty blogs that I am trying to upgrade mine as I learn things. Most times I would rather be stitching than messing on the computer.

Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!

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