Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FINALLY, At Last--Part 1

Been back from our trip to Branson a week and a half and still have not done a post. Decided that I needed to do something soon or I would lose the few readers that I have. It seems like I have lost my blogging mojo or something. I really have to force myself to make the time and do a post. Maybe it is because I am so far behind in reading posts. I was behind before we left and am further behind now and don't ever seem to make much headway. I know I don't have as many subscriptions as some people, but it bugs me to be behind.

Our trip to Branson was a good one. The weather was very good. Most of the time I just wore a fleece vest around. The dog had a great time. She and Morris went for a walk almost every morning. If not in the morning, then sometime during the day. The resort has a little fountain pond with ducks on it. She loved to try to catch the ducks. That is a little hard when you are on a leash. LOL. We saw The Oak Ridge Boys, The Haygoods and Tom Mullica as Red Skelton. Morris and I went to an IMAX movie on the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. It was very interesting. Learned things I had never heard before. Someday there may not even be a Colorado River because of all the demands on the river. The Haygoods is a family of 7 boys and a girl ranging in age from 30 to 15. They put on an amazing high energy show. They play so many different instruments, from the harp, to the piano, to the fiddle and others in between.

While there I was able to do a little stashing. Went to Cecila's Sampler and got 2 pieces of R&R fabric, 2 skeins of Gloriana Silk thread and took care of my list of needed Anchor floss. They have a very nice little shop there. Not sure where I got the advice, but someone told me to check out the quilt shop called Quilts & Quilts County Store. Oh, I did that in a big way. Had to make 2 trips there. Have been looking for a neat bag pattern. Well, I found it. It can be made using several different fabrics and putting them together to make stripes or you can make it with 2 yards of fabric. Those 2 yards become the outside and the inside of the bag with batting in between. Then you quilt the piece just like it were a quilt. Then you cut off 2 pieces on the ends and they become the handles. Then you use some type of fabric to bind the top edge of the bag and the edges of the handles. I bought 2 yards of fabric, but did not know I needed fabric for the binding until I read the pattern. Had to go back a second time to get binding fabric. NO, I don't have any pictures of my purchases. Lazy I guess. The pattern says that once you make one, they become addictive. We will see. Have not started one yet, but I have plenty of fabric in my stash for when I get addicted.

All of a sudden I am having blogger issues. I am going to do this much and then start over with the rest in another post. I was trying to finish up and all of a sudden the words were not visible in the preview. This is not a good way to get my mojo back.
Part 2 to come in a few minutes.

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