Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Headed Out For Christmas

Plans are to leave Wednesday morning for South Dakota for Christmas with Morris's family. Right now we are receiving light snow, so will see what morning brings. Actually, it is morning when I writ this. I mean later this morning. Been working in the kitchen to make things to take with us to help his sister and brother with Christmas dinner and a Christmas Eve get together. It used to be aunts, uncles and cousins, but they are either all gone or moved away, this will be those that cannot be with us for Christmas dinner. I have made, a potato casserole, apple pie-type dessert, 3 pounds of hamburger into sloppy joes, sugar cookies and peanut butter balls. Also have plans to make the French Toast Souffle that I made in Branson at Thanksgiving. Like to cook, but hate the clean-up, so this has been a big job for me. Everything is laid out and ready to load in the car in the morning. Might not get as early of a start as we had planned. Will probably not be there in time for Christmas Eve services like we usually do. They have them at 4 and 6 and that is way to early for someone driving 9 hours.

This is going to be rather short compared to most of the posts I do. Have not had time to take photos of stitchy gifts I have received. Have 2 ornaments and a scissors case. The scissors case also has a story with it. Did give the last of the secret Christmas stitching gifts last Thursday to Anita. Here it is. She was very surprised.

Blackbird Sampler (freebie)
By Blackbird Designs
28-ct R&R Korty's Special Blend
CC Belle Soie Moss

If you have been following my Christmas stitching, I sort of had a theme going. Three of the designs were stitched in all one color using Crescent Colours Belle Soie. I really like working in one color and I lived up to my nickname of "Fiber Snob".

Guess I better go check my stitch bag once more to make sure I have enough projects to last until Sunday when we return home. ROFL!! LOL!! I could probably stitch on projects in my stitch bag for months and not get them all done.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. Enjoy the time with families and friends, but most of all remember the reason for the season.


Miokka said...

Merry Christmas! Travel safe and stitch lots!

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas and safe travels. Please extend my Christmas wishes to Anita as well.


Kajsa said...

Merry Christmas! I love the frame you picked for Anita's gift!

Ranae said...

I hope you had a great South Dakota Christmas.
Love Anita's gift.

Marie-P said...

First let me say that your blackbird sampler is beautiful!

Next...would you share your French Toast Souffle recipe??? :)

Hope that you enjoyed your Christmas visit and that you have a very happy, healthy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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