Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FINALLY, At Last - Part 2

OK, here we go with Part 2. That ***** Blogger really messed me up. Sorry guys.

On the stitching front, I finished 2 more Christmas presents. Both were taken to the framer last week. Below is "Thimble Abundance". The other one I cannot show until after it is given as a gift.
Here is another Christmas present that I started right after we got home. It is for a person that loves Hawaii, so I thought it was appropriate. Since this photo was taken, I have completed ALOHA and have 2 of 7 flowers done. It has flowers from Hawaii in an arrangement below the word and in both of the "A"s.

Mar/Apr 1991 Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine
28-ct Antique White Cashel
Anchor Floss

Still working on "From Sea to Shining Sea". Here is my progress. Have Part 2 in my bag. Thought I would get the first part done and start the second while we were gone. As you can see, it did not happen.

This afternoon I finished as much as I could on The Sunflower Seed design model that I have been stitching on for a long time. Now Anita will put the finishing touches on it. It will be released at market the first part of February. Told her the other day that I was ready for the next project. It seems that I do a better job of getting things done when I am spending part of my stitching time working on something for her.

Tomorrow is my day to work at The Sunflower Seed. When we are not busy, we are preparing to get the inventory done. Last week I got the itch to do this little JBW Christmas Tree over one. So I came home and started it right away. NO picture. That will come next time. I have the border in and over half of the tree done. My eyes started getting crossed after awhile. It is looking so good being so small. Of course, the silk person (slut) that I am, I am doing it with Belle Soie. The girls in the stitch group really do like calling me all those silk names.

Speaking of the stitch girls, we are having a Pizza Party as our Christmas Party on Monday night. It will be a fun night. Just heard the weather forecast and it is supposed to be really cold. We will be having so much fun we won't even know it is cold.

Remember the Purple Quaker Cow!!! Several of you wanted to know the reaction of Joann when I gave it to her. It is with heavy heart that I write this part. She was sick off and on around her birthday so I did not get it to her until after her birthday. She was at the shop on Wednesday, November12th. So I gave it too her. She was so thrilled and pleased that done it just for her with her fabric using her favorite color. She just hugged it to her body and said "I love it". Later that evening she called me to tell me it was hung right by her chair and she was so pleased that I had stitched it for her. Sunday morning I got a call from one of the other stitcher girls to tell me that Joann had passed away the night before. We were all very saddened for our loss. Our group has a big hole in it now that will take a long time to fill. We know now that she no longer has all her health problems and is stitching up a storm watching over us. I have photos of her with the Purple Cow, but I just don't feel right posting them her. We miss you Joann.

Hopefully you all can follow what I have said since I had blogger problems. Still working on decorating my tree. Next time I will have pictures of my tree. Having problems getting into that too. Today was a cooking day. Made Carrot Pineapple Quick Bread for use at a fellowship coffee at the church on Sunday. Also made Paula Deen's bake Macaroni and Cheese. Morris does not like it and he left this morning with his buddies for Colorado skiing, so I made it today. Will take a container for lunch at the shop tomorrow. Still need to make something for Monday night at the shop and I am making soup for my church ladies group on Wednesday. So will keep busy on the cooking front. I have sort of gotten out of the mode of doing much baking, etc. for Christmas. Used to do a lot, but ended up eating way too much of it myself, so I cut way back. Also need to make sugar cookies for Morris's barber. He loves the ones I make. He usually gets almost an entire batch.

Well, off to bed with me. I have had too much stress with this stupid blogger.
Happy stitching.


Vonna said...

I really have to get my head out of my rear and start working on stuff for ME! That Sea to Shining Sea which I have all the parts released to date...looks so doggone good Kathy! :o)
Your redwork sent to the framers is lovely are astounding!

staci said...

I am so, so sorry about the loss of your friend. {{hugs}}

Michelle said...

You've been busy ~ your stitching looks wonderful. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend and stitching pal.. How special that you were able to give her your gift.


Dawn B. said...

Really sorry for your loss but glad she got to see her gift before she went to Gods side. The WIP's look great. I hope Dennis' customer fells the same way about Snow Ho Ho. Thanks for the complement on it.

Sarah said...

Kathy, so sorry about the loss of your friend. Am glad that you were able to get her gift to her. Lots of hugs for you and thoughts and prayers for you and your stitcher group and her family.