Friday, November 21, 2008

Taking a Holiday

This is going to be quick and fast. (I know that is hard to believe for me.) Got my owl back from the framer. He looks awesome. It is a new moulding at the frame shop. Might have to use it on other things.
Here is the progress on this Christmas present. Actually, there has been more done since this photo. I think maybe 6 letters of the alphabet and over to the middle of the row with the little round motifs. I don't like stitching them.

Now for the progress on "From Sea to Shining Sea". Which also has some more progress around the door and the upper window. I am loving this piece. It is hard for me not to work on it exclusively. You know it is that silk thing again. The second panel is out. Had hoped I might have the first one complete before that happened.

Continue to work on the Sunflower Seed design model. We have had to change a couple of colors, so did a little ripping. Not much. Have finished one of my secret Christmas presents and the frame shop called yesterday to say that it was done. Have another besides the one shown here to finish, plus one that is not even started. That one might have to be late.

The reason this is going to be a quick post, is we are leaving very early Saturday morning for our normal week of Thanksgiving at our timeshare in Branson. The car is mostly packed. The dryer is finishing the last load of laundry. Stitch bag is packed. That was the first thing that was ready. We have friends joining us for Saturday and Sunday nights. Will be attending shows with them. I have made a chicken casserole and Taco Soup to have while we are there. Since we have a full kitchen, thought we should take advantage and not eat out all the time. Also have plans to make a French Toast Souffle (casserole) one morning for breakfast. Hope to get a lot of stitching done and maybe some Christmas shopping.

This week has been a crummy week because on Sunday, actually probably Saturday night, I started coming down with a stupid cold and then it went to my lungs and now I have a cough. That will probably linger through most of the winter. Most recently I have gone 2-21/2 years between colds, which is a good thing and I hope that can continue.

A new twist to our stay in Branson is that the dog gets to go with us this year. We have tried to take her for about 8 years. Now after so much b******, they told me when I called a few weeks ago that they are "pet friendly". I sure hope so because she will be with us. Nice to not have to board her while we are gone. She does like to go for rides.

There will be no computer access for this week, so I will be buried with blogs in my Google reader when I get home. I am way behind before I even leave. Maybe I will always be behind. LOL!!

Signing off. Run through the lists in my mind to make sure I am not forgetting anything. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!


Anonymous said...

your owl looks great all framed, your other wips look lovely too

Miokka said...

Bless you! Feel better soon!
Love the Owl. Travel safe! Enjoy your holiday and get tons of stitching done!

Kajsa said...

Hope you have a great time and that you feel better soon!

Meari said...

Your owl looks great! French Toast Souffle sounds interesting... How do you make it?