Monday, March 31, 2008

Just HAD To Do It!!!

Just had to start something new. It is a disease that I cannot seem to shake. However, before getting into that, here is a picture of completed Spring Snapperland. Made a promise to myself that I would not start anything new until this was done. Sewed on the last button about 5 on Friday and by 7, I was stitching on a new project.
Spring Snapperland
by Bent Creek
28-ct Smokey Pearl Cashel
Recommended WDW and GAST fibers

The new start was "A Quaker Christmas" from ByGone Stitches. This is my progress so far. It is a fun stitch and I love stitching with the Belle Soie. The Belle Soie colors are Cranberry, Butterscotch and Enchanted Forest. I think I am going to have problems putting this one down.

A Quaker Christmas
by ByGone Stitches
28-ct Picture This Plus Ale Cashel
Crescent Colours Belle Soie

Last night I even picked up my Village of Hawk Run Hallow and put in about 4 needles full of thread. I think that it has been idle for about 6 weeks. Going to try to spend a little more time with it, even though it is going to be hard to lay down Quaker Christmas. Need to get more done on VoHRH, so I can move onto a block that does not have as much solid stitching as the last 2 blocks I have done.

Well, I and the other ladies of the church survived our Taco dinner fundraiser yesterday. As best we can estimate, we served between 110 and 120 people. I had made 18 pounds of hamburger into taco meat. One other lady made homemade taco shells to the tune of 230 and there was not one left. We got lots of good compliments on our efforts and we will probably be making this an annual thing as long as all of us are able to do the work. It helped raise funds for our mission projects.

Saturday night I ended up with a big surprise, an impromptu stitching night. When I talked to the owner of the LNS on Saturday afternoon, she invited me to her house for stitching. Her husband works out of state and is only home every other weekend. She was tired of stitching alone in the evenings. Before things were all said and done, several of those that attend our Monday night stitch therapy session at the LNS, were there for a little stitch-in. As usual, we had a great time. We love spending time with each other. In fact, we are planning a sleep-over at a local B&B for the Monday night stitchers in a couple of weeks. We will be the only ones at the B&B. It should be a riot. There should be pictures to post after it is over. We decided that Saturday night was a trial run. Our Monday night group has about 10-12 members and that is about the right size for the shop and also for our overnight. The LNS is small and any more people would not fit into the alloted space we have as our stitching circle.

Last Tuesday, as I was doing some cooking of stuff for the taco dinner, I felt something on the side of my stomach area. Upon further investigation, I found a tick attached to my body. I promptly pulled him off and disposed of him. Hit the resulting mark with hydrogen peroxide and later antibiotic ointment. However as the week went on, the spot got redder and was very itchy (and still is). Finally, several of my friends convinced me I should have it looked at. So yesterday on the way home from the church dinner, we stopped at a "Minor Med" type clinic and I saw the doctor on duty. He said it did not look infected, but to put heat on it 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes to drive out any tick residue that might still be there and to continue with the antibiotic ointment. Take benedryl for the itching. Doesn't really stop the itching that much. The more I think about it the more it itches. Hopefully things will improve in a day or so.

Bingo update. Played bingo on Wednesday with my friend as planned. She won one game at $250. I did not win. However, I needed B9 or B13 for $300. But that is not the end of the story. The bingo hall is part of an Indian casino, so she said we needed to play a little "Kaching, Kaching" on the slot machines. She pretty much plays $0.25 ones and I am the big spender at the nickel ones. I found one I liked and put in $5. Closed out with $10. Went to find Sharon and she had about $100 in credits built up on her machine. Played that all off and we were about ready to go and walked by a machine that I had thought about playing. While I was digging out my money, she threw a $5 at me and said play with this. She said "My mother always told me that borrowed money was lucky money". So I did. Not long after that I won one of the jackpots -- 1000 nickels or $50. Continued to play and had about $100 in credits on the machine. She told me to keep playing, since the only thing we had to get home for was me to open the LNS at 10:00 AM the next morning. In the end, I cashed out 1600 nickels or $80. So I ended up winning enough to cover the cost of my bingo, the money I had invested earlier in the slots, with some left over to by stitching stuff. LOL!!! Just had a phone call from Sharon (bingo friend), she wants to go play again this Wednesday. Had to decline because I had promised one of my stitching friends that I would take her to Wednesday afternoon stitch therapy. Hard choices-- stitching or bingo. Usually stitching wins out.

Thanks to all that stop by and leave comments. I am so far behind in reading blogs that I am not sure I will ever catch up. Keep many of my favorites in Google Reader and try to read many others. Have not had a chance to read any outside Google Reader for about 2 weeks. Sorry guys! I know that you all are doing some wonderful things, but reading and commenting takes away from stitching. Keep up the good work and maybe I can make it around to all of you.

Off to do a little stitching, then put heat on my tick bite and later to sleep land. Have a good week and keep those needles flying.


Vonna said...

Your spring snapperland is just gorgeous! If I didn't have 100000001 projects lined up...I'd be stitching this one!

ahhh Bingo! Love it!
Nickel slots...another favorite...
too bad I don't live closer :)

And your girls night at the B&B sounds like it may be a bit of Animal House of the stitching variety :)

Hope that tick bite heals up soon...yowie!

Kim B said...

Snapperland is great! I may have to do one of these eventually.

I've never done any "gambling" - slots, bingo, anything. But it sounds like you did well for yourself!

Stitch-therapy sounds like a blast! It must be wonderful to have other stitchers around to get together with. I look forward to hearing about the B&B trip.

Ticks are nasty little bugs. Hope the itching subsides soon!

Celular said...

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staci said...

My goodness you've been busy...tacos, stitching, bingo, slots, ticks! Wowza!!! I'm hungry and tired after reading your post, LOL!

Nancy said...

Your Spring Snapperland is wonderful! I just love these little charts with their snaps and plan on stitching the summer version this summer! Have fun stitching Quaker Christmas!

Michelle said...

Loved seeing your projects..I finished up a project, so I'm itchin' to start something new!

I hope that darn tick residue is gone soon and the pain goes away.

Congratulations on winning at the slots!

Happy stitching!

Wanda said...

Spring Sanpperland is too cute!! I think I plan to do the Summer during the summer they are addictive! Bingo sounds like a blast, no fun here like that! Sorry to hear abut your bite,those are nasty things.

Ranae said...

You've got some nice things going on.
I am itching to start QC, no pun intended,lol. Hope that tick bite gets better soon.
Your little stitching group sounds
like sooo much fun.
It's pass lunch time and taco's sound yummy.
Take Care!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Congratulations on finishing Spring Snapperland, it looks great. I love the design of Quaker Christmas, I know I'd have a hard time putting that one down ;)

Sonda in OR said...

Spring Snapperland is great! I've done the big Snapperland, but have yet to do the seasonal ones, even though I really want to!! A Tick??? Yikes! It makes me itch just thinking about it.