Sunday, April 6, 2008

QC Progress

The last week I have been working on stuff for myself. It seems a little odd, since I almost always have something going for The Sunflower Seed. Have had a lot of time to spend on my "A Quaker Christmas". I still love the piece and have trouble putting it down. Am working with the final yard of the first of 11 5-yd skeins of the green.
Spent a couple of hours or so working on another Quaker design that I started a while back. No picture. Maybe next time. Almost forgot, I did spend probably parts of 2 different days working on my VoHRH. Block 4 is getting closer to being done. I have become a silk thread addict. Both QC and VoHRH are being done with silk. CC Belle Soie for QC and Vikki Clayton for the village. Like using both, but my favorite is the Belle Soie.

Friday when I was at the LNS, aka-The Sunflower Seed, Anita and I were discussing things for the Shop Hop that is coming up in a month. So decided I would try to do a little something to have done in time for the hop. Working on the eagle from one of Bent Creek's newest designs "Land That I Love" I am not much into over one stuff, but am trying this over 1 with 2 threads on 20-ct. Natural linen. Here is my progress. It will be less than 3 inches square. Anita has an idea of how she wants to finish it..

My photo is a little blurry. I have not figured out how to keep that from happening when I try to take a close-up. My digital camera is over 4 years old, so I think that I might need to get a different one. It seems they are outdated as soon as you buy them. The brown of the body is GAST maple syrup and is all out of a new skein, but it sure looks different from one part to the other.

Finally, did my income taxes online last night. We always say we are going to do them earlier each year, but so far that has not happened. Have a couple of meetings at the church this week and need to make 2 batches of brownies and another bar cookie for an training session being held at the church on Saturday. I will be doing my little stitching sleepover on Saturday, so will not be able to help serve. My contribution will be the brownies.

Seems as though I have recovered from the tick bite. I tried all kinds of things to stop the itching, but by Thursday it had subsided. Ended up with quite a red rash around it. Now it is all scaly, but does not itch. The actual bite is healing up fine. Hope I don't ever have to go through that again.

This morning I finally got caught up with my blog reading through Google Reader. I have been behind for some reason for close to 2 weeks. Most days I was reading between 20-30, but could not get caught up. You are some busy stitching bloggers. Always try to keep caught up. Have not ready any blogs outside of Google Reader for 2-3 weeks, maybe I can get to them now. Thanks for all who stop by and comment on mine. Hope you all have a good week and happy stitching.


Carol said...

I love your QC :-) I've been enjoying stitching this one too

Kim B said...

QC looks fantastic! Glad to hear you're feeling better after the itchy tick bite!

Itching To Stitch said...

QC is just beautiful, this is such a pretty design ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Kathy,

So glad your "bite" is getting better. Love your stitching. Sure wish I could visit during the Shop Hop, but I doubt I'll be home then.

So.......Go Jayhawks! What a great game..I know it's not your team, but did you watch??

Have a great week.


Hazel said...

Love your QC. Seeing this around a lot at the moment. I'm not so good at taking pics either to be honest. There's usually at least one blurry one on my blog. xx

Wanda said...

The QC is really looking good love the color choice!

tkdchick said...

Your QC is looking lovely!