Monday, October 22, 2007

Smile Awards

I have been honored by Vonna with the You Make Me Smile Award. My hope when I started blogging was to give others a look into the many things that I stitch. And now to find out that I have made someone smile is a bonus. Since I have only been doing this a short time, I will try to pass this award on to those bloggers that I have found and very much enjoy reading and seeing a glimpse into their lives and stitching world. Again thank you Vonna for making this award to me.

Julie - Weathered Barn
Mindi - What's Up With Wyora?
Jane - Jane's Jots
Katrina - The Needle's Promise
Wanda - WB Stitches
Kajsa - Kajsa's Stitching and More
Margie - From Cotton to Silk Dreams
Carol - Garden of Stitches
Michelle - I'm A Little Teapot
Donna - DaisyGirl Stitching

The rule is that you must pass this award on to 10 people that make you smile. I am sure some of those I have tagged have been tagged before. However, I am sure that you can find another 10 people that make you smile. Some of those that I have tagged are in the VOHRH SAL with me, others are blogs that I read every time they post. Carol is so good about posting that I find it hard to end the day without reading a post from her. And Margie has those darn cute puppy pictures. I left off another one that has really cute puppy pictures. Hannah has this darling terror puppy. (That is her name for the puppy).
I just returned from a cross stitch retreat in Oklahoma on Sunday and am trying to catch up on the 97 e-mails and 38 blogs that were waiting on me. Still have 27 blogs to read that are in my Google reader. That does not include those that I hit once or twice a week that are not in my reader. I read 14 last night after I got home and have read 7 so far today. The list of e-mails is done to about 20 unread. It sure does not pay to get behind. Cannot imagine what it will be like when I am gone to Branson for a week in November. Ugh!!!!
Tonight our Monday Night Stitch Therapy group at the LNS had a birthday party for one of the ladies in the group. She does not have much family so our group is her family and she is such a special lady, we try to help make her birthday special. I baked a cake and everyone brought cards for her. She so enjoyed it and we wanted to honor her on her birthday. Happy Birthday Joann.
Later this week, I will post some photos and tell you about our adventure at the cross stitch retreat, and there were many adventures. Not sure that I can share them all. The gals I went with may draw the line on some of the things. After all, the first day I wore a t-shirt that said "What Happens with the Girlfriends Stays with the Girlfriends". They keep reminding me of that.
Off to get a little more stitching done. Will be doing a couple more posts later in the week.
Happy stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle said...


I am honored to think I make you smile :) You are so sweet.. I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing some racy photos from your retreat!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the LNS birthday party. We want lots of details about the retreat and pictures will be fine also..;)One day I will have to attend one.

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations on the Smile award!! I am looking forward to the retreat report!