Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finish Line

Hot off the needle is my latest finish. Actually put in the last stitch about 30 minutes ago. The picture is not very good. It was difficult to get a good photo. This is sort of my own design using several designs. I took 4 designs from The Workbasket-Quaker Odds and Evens. They are actually 2 different patterns, one being the even months and one being the odd months.

One day the owner of LNS and I were discussing how we could put more than one of the designs together into one big piece. There were only 4 designs that were the same size. Each of the ones I used were 65x65 stitches. The designs in order left to right, top to bottom are January, June, October and November.
Quaker Squares
The Workbasket
28ct Mulberry Cashel
Needle Necessities -170 - Mauna Loa
Each design had a place for the year and initials worked into the design. I didn't want my initials on it four times, so I incorporated the initials of my 2 sisters and my only niece. The stitching of this piece was not without incident. When I was about half done with the fourth square, I begun to realize that one 20-yard skein of NN was not going to be enough. So had the LNS order me another skein. When it came, it looked almost like a different color. I even tried using it and it was way too dark. I decided I was going to have to contact another shop, etc. to see if I could get some more thread. About that same time was when I started hearing the reports about Needle Necessities going out of business. Ended up calling an order into Nordic Needle for 2 skeins plus others too. (Now trying to horde NN floss). When I received them they were a perfect match to what I had been stitching with. That was a relief!!!!!!! Who would have thought it would take more than 20 yards to stitch that piece. Neither I or the LNS thought it would. We have learned a big lesson.
Over the weekend, I had another finish in my Christmas stitching. No picture until after gifts are given. This makes 2 of 4 done. The frame has been ordered. I also have done some rethinking of what I am doing for one of the presents. Changed my mind on one of the gifts. Went to my stash of WIPs and found a piece I had started for one of the persons a couple of years ago. Didn't get it done in time for that particular gift, so now I will get it done as a Christmas gift. Taking care of two issues at once, a gift done and a WIP out of the mix.
The VOHRH SAL has grown by one in the last few days. Welcome Wanda!! Marie P. has a list of those in our SAL on her blog side bar. ( I have not figured out how to do links within my post yet. I will leave that for another time.) Am making some progress on my Block 2, but put it aside the last day and a half to finish the Quaker thing. Maybe a picture later in the week.
Last weekend was a fairly productive stitching weekend considering that I had a football game that took up a lot of Saturday. Fairly good game, just not the end result I wanted. Boo!! Hoo!! Not sure how much stitching this weekend because I am going to a cousins reunion at my dad's place about 2 1/2 hours away. There will be some in car stitch time, but don't get a lot done when there is a dog on my lap too. More about the reunion in the next post.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) is afternoon stitch therapy session at the LNS and then I work there on Thursday. So many temptation when you spend all day around all this stuff. LOL!!
Looks like I still have a little time to stitch before going to bed. Hope everyone is having a good week and thanks to all the stop by and for the very nice comments.
Keep on stitching!!!!!


Julie said...

Hi Kathy! I thought maybe you'd be in a funk after Saturday's game. What happened?!?
I know your finished piece is so much prettier in person. I love both the fabric and tread you used for it.
To link something, type your post like usual. Then click and highlight on the test you want to link (such as Marie P's name) and then click on the button above your post that looks like a worm with glasses. I think thats what it is, maybe not. A window will open. I'm doing this from memory, but I think you leave the first box in this new window alone. In the second, longer box type or copy/paste the person's blog site or their web site. Click okay and your link should work. I suggest finishing the post, saving it and then going to your blog and clicking on the link to make certain that it works.
Signed: Still in the Funk Julie :-)

Miokka said...

Great finish! I think it's great when you can take differnt designs, put them together and make something new!

Michelle said...

Great finish! Congrats :)

Ranae said...

Beautiful finish.
Sounds like you have been busy, busy,busy.

Kajsa said...

It looks really good! I'm amazed that one skein wasn't enough though.

jane said...

Hi Kath...I can't seem to get motivated on my Village. Maybe when I finish all of these HAlloween things!

Marie-P said...

Kathy, here are instructions to add a sidebar:
1)Go to Blog (need to be signed in)
2)Top Right corner click icon "Customize" located between New Post and Sign out
3)Left side of screen click on "Add A Page Element"
4)Drop donw to: List and click "ADD TO BLOG"
5)In the "Title Window" I typed SAL Participants (You want a name for your sidebar list)
6)Drop down to Add List item and type the 1st name (ie:Marie) then click the Create Link icon to the right of this, sort of looks like a "paperclip"
7)this will bring up another window called "script prompt" - it is here that you copy or type the URL (webpage) that you want to link to. Press ok.
8)Then press the ADD ITEM icon to the right of the "paperclip" icon
9)continue in this fashion until you have completed your list.
10) Press the SAVE CHANGES
Your list should appear on the sidebar.

Email me if you have any problems!

Carol said...

Congratulations on your finish!!!! I hope Kasey does well for you today!

wanda said...

Love the quaker designs, that is one of my wishlist items. Thanks for the words of encouragement with the village. Hugs!

Mindi said...

Great job taking different designs and coming up with something all your own.

Hannah said...

That's a lovely finish, Kathy. Congratulations.