Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let's Play Tag

I have been tagged by Michelle- I'm A Little Teapot. Through blogging I have found out that Michelle is originally from Kansas, where I live. When she come back to Kansas, she shops at my LNS. Now I can hardly wait until the next time she is back to meet her in person.

Now I am supposed to come up with 7 facts about myself. There is one fact that Michelle used that I am going to have to repeat.
1. I love chocolate. Don't necessarily have to have it every day, but must have frequently. Otherwise I would be the size of a large barn. Caramel and peanut butter run a close second and third.
2. I hate to drive. Have always disliked driving. Near the end of my working career, I was driving about 50 percent of my work time. That was another good reason to retire. However, don't mind driving across town to the LNS to help out there.
3. I am afraid of all kinds of birds or animals with feathers. Cannot go to zoos or exhibits that have birds running around not contained or in cages. It totally freaks me out.
4. My college degree is in Home Ec-Retailing. Never really used that degree. Worked for the government for 32 years. Now use some of that training when helping at the LNS.
5. Big sports fan. Never played much of anything, but love to watch on TV and in person. Favorites are College Football, College Basketball, Major League Baseball and NASCAR.
6. My dad stepped on my thumb when I was less than 2 years old and broke it. I was riding a horse with him and he got off to open a gate and the horse spooked and my dad tried to grab me off the horse and dropped me and stepped on my thumb and broke it. Had to switch which thumb I sucked.
7. Had two eye surgeries before I was 5 to correct some muscle issues. Has never bothered me in my stitching.
This was really hard to do. I am tagging the following 7 people. Hopefully, these have not been tagged recently. It will be great fun if you can play along and tell us 7 things about you.
2. Michelle - X Marks My Spot
3. Dawn - Tea Time
6. Mary Ann - Just Stitching
Another day has gone by and I have not done a report on my weekend stitch retreat. Maybe I can get pictures taken of my purchase and the projects and get them downloaded tomorrow and then write a post tomorrow. It might end up being a rather long one. A few stories to tell and several pictures. Maybe I will make it 2 installments. Also am still not caught up on the blog reading and everyone just keeps posting more. I may never get caught up. Now I understand the comments from many of you about getting behind on reading. Last night my significant other and I did a kitten rescue and have that story to tell with pictures.
Tomorrow is the afternoon stitch therapy at the LNS. Just found out that the birthday lady from last night got sick in the night and has been sick all day, so she will not be able to have therapy tomorrow. We will miss her and I know she is upset to think she is going to have to miss it. Get well Joann.
Off to try to get some stitching done. Too many phone calls, etc. today and have not gotten much done.

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