Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Village Progress and Other Stitching

Now that I have my magnifier light back, I have been able to stitch on VOHRH. Here is the progress I have made. I really enjoy stitching on it, but it seems like slow going. One of the gals in my Monday night stitch group is almost half done with hers on 36-ct. Her comment was that "there is a lot going on in that little stream." And there is. You do a lot of color changes combined with some solid stitching for the stream and the grass.

The plan was to stitch one block a month, but I am not sure that I am going to be able to keep up with the plan. I started Block 1 on August 16th, but then went 12 days without my light, so now I figure that I have until the end of September to finish this block. The rest of my SAL mates on this project were starting September 1st, so that gets us all on about the same rotation. A couple of them already have their block done.

Last night I did have a finish on a Christmas present. No pictures until after Christmas, since most of the people I am stitching for read my blog regularly. Am pleased I have one done and ready for framing. Now only 3 more to do. I got a little start on one of them last night. It should be a quick stitch, but we say that about a lot of things that don't turn out that way.

Still am working on a design model for The Sunflower Seed. Try to rotate my stitching between the VOHRH, Christmas Presents and the design model. Never boring that way. Worked at LNS last Thursday. Was busy most of the day so did not get any stitching done there. However, there were lots of football games over the weekend so I stitched and watched/listened. Most of Saturday was taken up going to Kansas State football game. Was able to stitch a few stitches on the ride over.
So far this week have been doing preparation for hosting my church ladies circle on Wednesday. Making BBQ beef sandwiches and pineapple angel food cake dessert. Another lady is making a couple of salads. It is a nice little group and they always enjoy getting together for our lesson and we are an eating group, so always have to have food. Such fun. Also have some more wonderful Colorado peaches that I must work up into something. Seems like there is always something to take me away for my stitching.
Thanks to all that stop by an visit and leave comments. Recently, I have been doing a lot of reading, but not always commenting. I need to get better at that. I know how much I enjoy the comments I receive, should remember that when reading other blogs.
Hope everyone is having a good stitching week.


Julie said...

VOHRH is looking great!
Wasn't the weather we had this weekend great? I'm sorry to see it go.
Tell Mary Julie said Hi, please and enjoy your meeting.

jane said...

Looking good! I still haven't touched mine, but I do have one block finished, so I won't be too far behind. Been working on Halloween when I did any stitching at all. I'll get on it!

Kendra said...

I've given up on trying to stitch while watching college football (or b-ball...or NASCAR...). I get too excited and animated, so my stitching would probably get tossed across the room at some point...LOL!

Mindi said...

VoHRH is looking fantastic! Don't worry about trying to keep up, just do what you can and don't give up, but I think you'll finish block 1 by the end of the month. You're almost done with it.

Lelia said...

Your block is looking good!

Hazel said...

Lovely! I like this design. I can't decide which I like best VoHRH or HoHRH. I think VoHRH is more interesting. Great preogress. xx

Marie-P said...

Hey Kathy~I am so excited to see your block. It looks great!!! You are correct: it is a "slow going" block~
As always you are keeping VERY busy. I have been out of touch, things were crazy and my MIL passed away Sunday...Busy week ahead with very little stitching time. :-(