Saturday, September 8, 2007

Game Day and other Trivia Things

Surprise!! Surprise!! I am doing my blog at a normal hour instead of late at night. Plans were to do a post last night and I just didn't have the energy to download the a picture that I wanted to include.

Stitching has been at a premium this week. I was able to do quite a bit over the Labor Day weekend. However on Monday, we went to a new shopping area for part of the day. My significant other thought it would be too boring to sit at home on a holiday. It was a successful trip for me. There was a Clark shoe outlet store there and I bought two pairs of shoes. That is a good thing. As I have said before pictures of stitching progress are going to be limited since I am stitching Christmas presents and a Sunflower Seed design model. My VOHRH is sort of on hold until my magnifier light is returned from the manufacturer.

For three days last week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I worked in the LNS while the owner is on vacation. Things were rather slow on Tuesday, but there was plenty of work in the shop to keep me busy. The other days were basically busy so I had very little time to do stitching while I was there. I should not really call it work, because I enjoy it so much that it does not seem like work. She had several orders from Hoffman for patterns that I got prepared and mailed off. Her sister covered the store yesterday and is doing it today.

Here is a photo of a piece stitched for me for my birthday by one of my stitching friends locally. We met many years ago at a different LNS stitching group. Found out we lived close to each other (and still do) and became fast friends. We and a couple of others have had many stitch vacations in various places for stitching festivals and stitch camps. She stitched the design and I had it framed at our local frame shop. My original idea was to mat it and have snowflakes cut into the mat. Well, that did not work out. the mat would have had to be real wide to get the snowflakes in it and combined with the frame I had chosen it was overpowering. We settled for a double frame instead. I ask her the other day whose design it was and she said it was an old one and the name was Francis and Me and the title of the design is "In the Meadow". Had a copyright date of 1990. I love snowmen and this fits right in. Thank you Sandi for stitching this for me.

Going to have to end this so I can get on the road to the football game. My alma mater, Kansas State is playing at home today against San Jose State. I live about an hour away and have season tickets. Have made brownies this morning for the tailgate and taking some home grown grape tomatoes to share also. Before I meet my friends to go to the game, will make a stop by the LNS to make sure everything is going OK this morning.

Have also been dog sitting for the LNS owner for Betsy, the shop dog. She has been good, but I know she misses her Momma. She is like my shadow and goes everywhere I go in the house. Right now she is laying on the floor behind me snoozing away, but the minute I get up she will be right with me where ever I go in the house.

Gotta go, hope everyone has a good weekend.


Vonna said...

What a lovely framed piece! I think those snowmen are so adorable and what a nice gift that was for you!

Ranae said...

I am glad to hear someone is getting in stitching time :)
I love the snowman, nice framing.
I bet it is so fun to work at the LNS and to see all the new stuff come in.
Have fun at game tonite.
My son played in high school and I do miss it so very much. They are just not the same.
Have a great weekend!!

Hazel said...

What a great gift. Glad you enjoyed the shop. Sounds like the perfect job for me lol. xx

Lavender Rose said...

Kathy, I love those snowmen! And, I have a bone to pick with K State, which is the alma mater of the girl who almost got to marry the love of my first husband!!! LOL I can't wait to see your Christmas's a mystery now.
Keep on stitching, and thanks for visiting me on my blog!

Anonymous said...

What a nice gift of stitching! It sounds as if you had a fun time working in the LNS.


Hannah said...

I love the snowmen! They are my favorite, too. I decorate my whole house in them for Christmas.

Pretty funny coming from a Florida girl who's only seen snow once, eh? :)

Anita said...

The frame is so retty and those snowmen are so cute.