Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Dance

Today I am doing the happy dance. My replacement Daylight Magnifier Light came yesterday. I got it installed back on my stand tonight. Now I can go back to my VOHRH SAL. The head of the lamp is completely different than my other one. Maybe this one will not crack. We had quite a laugh to day at the LNS today. The packing slip showed no charges with the explanation "cracked head". First time I have been told I had a cracked head or am a crack head. LOL
Went for my annual physical today. I hate those. I was anticipating that she would not be happy with my weight. I was supposed to be losing some of it. Hard for me to do. Her comment was that it was good that I had not gained since last year. That was a good thing since most people at this stage in their life gain almost every year. My blood pressure was good, too. Always afraid it will be going up. High blood pressure problems run in the family. No problems, just go for mammogram an bone density in about 6 weeks. Her comments made me do my happy dance too.

Spent the afternoon at the LNS with our Wednesday afternoon stitch therapy group. We had a real nice group today. I am working tomorrow at the LNS. Will be putting together some her patterns for sale and whatever else comes up. If I get everything done and have no customers then it is time to stitch. Stitched on VOHRH mostly today. Light at the LNS is good enough to stitch with my magnifier glasses, but coming home to my light is the best. Should have a picture of the Village progress with my next post.
Thanks everyone for your comments and visiting my blog. Been trying to keep up with reading, but don't always take the time to comment. Everyone does such nice stitching is quite an inspiration to me to do more stitching. Wish there was more time.
Have a good week. Happy stitching.


Vonna said...

Just reading about your annual physical made my blood pressure rise. I hate them and will go to the GYN, but I don't even really have a regular doctor. I had one and she left town and I really haven't found one...I really do need to get one...someday :)

Anita said...

I hate annual check up as well. Losing weight is always hard after age 30. It is great that everything check out and keep up the good check ups.

Mindi said...

Glad to hear you got your magnifier lamp back and will be able to sart back on VoHRH.

Hazel said...

Glad you got your lamp back! xx

Ranae said...

Your light is back, hooray!!
Happy Stitching!!

Hannah said...

Glad to hear your physical went well!