Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Second Therapy Session of the Week

A quick post to update stitching progress. Today was second therapy session of the LNS. When it works out, we have stitching twice a week at the LNS. The Monday night group is the largest. However, we had been asked to start an afternoon group and we don't get as many people as on Monday night. When I can go, I pick up an elderly lady that stitches with us on Monday night. She really enjoys going, since going to our therapy sessions at the LNS is about the only time she gets out. Today Mary, sister of the owner was working. When I got there, the lady that I had picked up needed some fabric. I went to cut it for her and then to serge the edge. The serger was un-threaded and Mary nor I know how to thread that, so I got out the sewing machine and promptly broke a needle. While I was zig-zaging then I ran out of top thread. Neither of us could figure out how to thread it. I guess it is time I learned. Will go in and have Anita, the owner, show me and then un-thread and make me re-thead it. We will serge that lady's fabric at a later time. She has many projects that she won't be working on it for a couple of days. LOL. Also checked in an order from Hoffman Distributing for the shop while I was there. Like to see all the new stuff.

As for stitching, I did not get much done at the Therapy session. I continue to stitch on the design model for The Sunflower Seed, but over the 4th holiday and over the weekend, I did take some breaks. Sometimes when I get tired of a piece, I end up doing some frogging and I do better if I go on to something else for a little bit. Then I am fresher when I go back to the main focus piece. Since I worked in the LNS on Saturday, I did get a little stitching done then too. Here is the progress on Hands to Work-Best of Blessing. (For some reason the picture looks a little fuzzy, might be something to do with the photographer). I now have a house completed. Also did some stitching on my Quaker Odds and Evens Squares. Not enough progress for a picture yet. Getting close to having the 3rd of 4 squares done. The design model piece is getting close to be done. Maybe in another week, I will have it done and ready to frame. I probably will be up on her web site later in August.

Making preparations to travel about 3 hours away from home to help a college friend in the needlework section of rural county fair. This will be about the 4th time I have done this. The people that are the head of the needlework section and the quilt section are getting older and it is harder for them to handle the job, but they still do not want to give it up. Sam and I do a lot of helping. Monday afternoon and early evening is the check in of items. Tuesday is judging and then we arrange them in display cabinets for the public to view. Usually she begs me to come and bring some things to enter. Right now I am planning to take 4-6 things. Last year I got Reserve Champion on Ewe & Eye & Friends- Primitive Santa. It really is a lot of fun. They seem to get fewer and fewer entries. I will be giving an update on the fair and hopefully have some pictures later next week.

Well, it is off to stitch. Oh, I almost forgot, thanks to everyone for reading my blog and the comments received.

Keep on stitching.

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