Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Finished the Purple Quaker Cow on Saturday. Took it to the framer yesterday. Of course, the only moulding that would work was a purple one. It matched the purple in the cow fairly good. Someone made a comment about the new fabric. Anita, at The Sunflower Seed did this custom work a few years back using Vintage Antique Tan or something like that and used bleach to make the splotches. Ask her about how she did it and said that it only worked on that Vintage fabric and she tried on other fabric and colors with no success. So I guess you could say this was one of a kind. She says that Vintage fabric has now been discontinued. I thought it was pretty cool stuff. She has a couple of shop models done on the same fabric.
Quaker Cow
by The Workbasket
28-ct Anita Original Fabric
Needle Necessities 196
After I finished the cow, I worked on Anita's design model and my Precious Baby Sampler. Then I got the itch to do a couple of the Halloween ornaments from the Just Cross Stitch Magazine and an ornament out of the Christmas Preview issue. Have fabric ready for 2 Halloween ones, the Trick or Treat one and the Owl one, but need to do some floss conversions to overdyes and might need to get a couple of colors at the LNS when I work tomorrow. However, I did start the Happiest Holidays ornament. Mine is going to be bigger because I changed the fabric. I may end up framing it and using it as a Christmas present for Morris's niece. Here is my start. The photo is a little blurry. It seems when I try to take close-up photos that they come out blurry sometimes. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am sure it is operator error.
Happiest Holidays
28-ct Lt. Mocha Cashel
Needle Necessities - 151

The red and greens from the overdyed of the floss do not show up as well as I thought they would. I figured if I added mats when I frame it, that might get the colors to pop a little better. You can sure tell that Needle Necessities is one of my favorite threads. Need to find time to try some of the new Threadworx to see if it is Needle Necessities reincarnated.

Another rather short post for me. LOL!!! Maybe I am learning to not be so long winded. Have my Google Reader down under 40. I really might get caught up soon. I want to get caught up before I take another trip and get behind again.

Have a Church ladies group meeting this afternoon. We are becoming a smaller group and it is difficult to keep things going. We lost one early this summer and another has had a stroke and is in a nursing home. Although these ladies are a lot older than me, I enjoy them so much and have learned a lot from them. Losing anyone of them is like losing my mother all over again. We are starting a new lesson year, so we have lots to look forward to.

Thanks to all who stop and visit and comment. Love getting your comments. Hope everyone in Texas is recovering. That has been such a tragedy.

Happy Stitching!!!

EDITED: I forgot to include that Muffin went back to the vet yesterday and they re-ran the blood tests. Her liver results were better. The one that she was to be under 100 was at 95 and the other that she was to be under 200 was at 185. I guess the meds, etc. worked on correcting the problem. We will wait another 2-3 weeks before we re-schedule the surgery to take off the fatty tumors. Hopefully, the liver enzymes will stay where they are supposed to be.


Ranae said...

Love the purple Quaker Cow.
HH is off to a great start.
My photo's come out blurry too, then I remember the macro's was off. But sometimes it's just me, lol.

Julie said...

Hello Kathy! Quaker Cow looks great. I don't even like purple, but I think its a good match for this pattern.
Glad Muffin is doing better.

Meari said...

I like how HH is turning out. A reason it might be blurry is that camera lenses need to be a certain distance from a subject in order to focus properly. This varies from camera to camera, but the manual should tell you the distance. For some it's 20", sometimes less, for some it's 3 feet. Just depends on the lens.

Michele B. said...

What a great finish! Truly one of a kind. Make sure to post about Joann's reaction. I'm glad Muffin is doing better.

J's Place said...

I love the thread you are using for Happiest holidays. I was lucky enough to have been able to stitch the models for this and the preview ornament for Sue. I loved them.

I want to do a over 2 version of them. I think it would be so cool.

Jaunice Minor

The Scarlett house said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Love your cow. I'm from the Midwest originally and I used to have an entire kitchen done in cows years ago.
If you like the look of vintage fabric, it's easy to do it yourself. I have used coffee and my favorite is very small amounts of Ritz liquid dye, diluted of course. Have you ever tie-dyed? It's that simple. I used scraps to test colors and now I'm brave enough to dye stitched pieces sometimes.