Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happiest of Holidays

Another finish!!! Woo!! Hoo!! I finished Happiest of Holidays from JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Magazine. Actually the same design is in the Ornament issue with the colors reversed. Have decided to give this to Morris's niece for Christmas. We drew names this year and I got hers. Where the stitchers initials were to go, I put hers. Tomorrow I will take this to the frame shop. I think I will have them put a mat on it to help bring out the colors a little more. Last night at Monday Night Stitch Therapy several thought that I had cut the thread to make the colors variegate like they did, but I did not. It just worked out that way. It's magic. The picture is clickable.
JCS Happiest of Holidays
28-ct Lt. Mocha Cashel
Needle Necessities - 151

Now I have started "Trick or Treat" from the JCS Halloween Ornament Magazine. Have made changes to the colors listed. It called for Needlepoint Silk and I am using WDW Mascara for the black and Sampler Thread Mistletoe for the green. I like the color changes in the green. The fabric is a mystery piece from my stash. I think it is Prairie Grain linen, 28-ct. The photo does not show the right color and is too light. To get good coverage with the black I am stitching the shoes/boots with 3 strands. The border is only 2 strands. Will experiment with the lettering, but I think I will do it in 3 strands too. Don't usually stitch 28-ct with 3 strands, but sometime it is necessary with black.

Spend today stitching on the design model for The Sunflower Seed that I have been working on for several weeks. That is when I was not on the phone. It seems everyone knew I had the entire day at home today and I got several calls. However, the one that I made turned out to be long. Will finish this up and get back to stitching.

Last Saturday, I spent several hours sorting through some boxes of stash. Preparing things for game prizes for our Monday Night Stitchers Retreat that is coming up next month. There will be 9 of us taking over a B&B for 2 nights. The B&B may never be the same. Have plans to play Stitcher's Bingo and Stitch Bag Scavenger Hunt. That is a new one. Have been working on the list of things that everyone will be looking in their bag for. I cannot even give any ideas of what I am going to use here, because all of them read my blog. Don't want to give any of my secrets away. Also, I am going to try to play the CLR Floss game that I saw on Martha and Deb's blogs. Hope they don't mind me stealing their game. Sounds like fun, especially if you are the winner and get all the floss in the middle of the table.

The last 2 Saturdays I have had off from KSU home football games. Our next home game is this Saturday and then again the following Saturday. Cuts down on the stitch time. Hopefully they can play well and win and then all is not wasted.
Thanks for all you comments on my Purple Quaker Cow, they are all appreciated. I will try to get photos of Joann when I give it to her. Several have wanted to know her reaction.

Off to stitch. Happy Stitching!!!!!


Lelia said...

Woot! Nice job on the holiday project : ) And your Halloween WIP looks good so far : ) Prairie Grain is a darker color -- photographs are so odd with color

Stitch well

Jennifer/OH said...

I am back from more then one week without electricity and I am trying desperately to catch up on blog reading and commenting. I love the Christmas tree ornament. Just one week and I feel so out of touch with the newest designs coming out. I bought the JCS Halloween issue. I hope they make this a new yearly thing like the Christmas ornament one. I have noticed so many more people decorating just as much for Halloween as they do for Christmas.

Meari said...

HOH looks great, Kathy. I like how the varigated turned out. Congrats on your finish.

Sharon said...

How pretty! congrats.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Kathy, or shall I say Chatty Kathy!? LOL! Thank you for leaving such a sweet message on my blog! You are right, you seldom hear that term used anymore. I had a CK doll when I was a child, but she broke when I pulled her string too hard. (I cried...)

Love your cross stitch Christmas tree and that purple cow is fabulous! I find CS to be very relaxing, however a retreat sure would liven it all up!

Have a great day!

Miokka said...

Great finish! I love the purple cow too! Drat, I want to come to the stitcher's retreat! Sounds like a blast. Have fun with CLR! I stole your bingo game, so we are even steven. I'm in Wichita for a fast weekend next weekend. I can not wait! Will be so good to see my family and be back home. Looking forward to more finishes & more stories from the retreat!

Kajsa said...

Cute ornament! Love your Halloween WIP!

The Scarlett house said...

Hi, I am stitching that little "trick or treat" design from JCS right now, too. I travelled from AZ to IL over the weekend and it was an easy project to take on the plane with only two colors. Changed my green out, too.

Sonda in OR said...

That ornie design is wonderful! How did the retreat go?