Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stitchy Saturday Salad Supper

One of my Monday night stitching sisters, Janet, invited the group to her house for a stitching late afternoon and evening of stitching. She decided that we should turn it into a salad supper too. We all took salads to share and she provided our favorite lemon cake(actually this time it was lemon/lime) and drinks. No alcohol. There were 9 of us to stitch, eat and have fun. Not necessarily in that order. I have become the self-appointed documentor of all the funny and incriminating comments made during our times together. I started this at our overnight back in April. We always seem to say many funny things. Even funnier when taken out of context. However, there are no incriminating photos, since I got so wrapped up in our fun and stitching, I forgot to take any pictures. Never thought of it until I was driving home and thinking how I could put into words the fun time we have together. And we actually get some stitching done. At one point in time, Janet had to go bring a box of kleenex and put it on the table. We were all laughing so hard that our noses were running and eyes were watering. Then we had to orchestrate a uniform nose blowing that led to more laughter. Also, due to heavy laughter, we had one toot and one diaphragm blown out ( and not that kind) the one in your abdominal area.

Here is a list of comments overheard-- in no particular order--
  • ... is kind of Augusty
  • chicken or tuna salad ??
  • Are you sure you are not blonde
  • We got off on something else down there--- both ends of the table can't keep up
  • Pot brownies--exlax brownies
  • My butt hurts -- take an Advil
  • I'm not going in the hot tub with my Belle Soie
  • My floss never comes out even
  • Now you made me put it in the wrong hole
  • Oh, what's that sticking out there. I could see this. It was big enough

Apparently the following comments were made during our many conversations regarding men--sometimes we get a little racy.

  • Some parts are swollen more than others
  • Birth control-- tie it in a knot
  • Only enough blod to operate one of them

Even with all of our hilarity, we did get stitching done. It seems when we are together the time really flies. Our Monday night sessions go way to fast. So Janet started our Saturday session at 3 when the LNS-The Sunflower Seed closes on Saturday. When the first person asked what time it was, it was 9:45. We could hardly believe how fast the time had gone. That is what happens when you are with those that you enjoy and have fun with. Never a dull moment in our group. I had intended to do this report on our stitch session earlier in the week. All of the gals have been asking when I was going to do my blog. So here it is girls. Tried not to name names that would incriminate any of us.

Here is the latest photo of the progress on my Many Mansions Sampler. I have finished the first little house and planted some grass. Also have started a tree and a little bit of the big middle house. Had more of the big house, but had it in the wrong place so had to rip. Yuck!! Oh, I forgot to take a picture of a new start I made. The other day I just could not stop myself. I started LHN-Where There Is Life. The benefit for breast cancer done by Elegant Stitches in California. Got part of the border and 2or 3 letter done of the words. Am back to doing some design model stitching for Anita at The Sunflower Seed so there will be no pictures until they are published. I finished one small thing and have another about 3/4 done. They are companion pieces that will probably be released as one design.

I cannot remember whether I mentioned it before, but my church is putting together a 100th anniversary cookbook and I have been helping input recipes for that. So far, I have entered about 65 and the cookbook has about 400 recipes in it. I have about 30 more to do by August 1st. Seems like it would be an easy thing to do, but we have to work with a template. Some of the recipes have to be somewhat rewritten to work in the template.

My birthday is just around the corner and I decided that I wanted to join the hip generation and get myself an iPod. Morris is going to pay for part of it as my birthday present from him. Last night Reina and I went out and bought a 4GB Silver Nano. She also bought me a case for it. That is burgundy color that you see. Also she bought we the wall and car charger. Then she came home with me and set it up and got it registered and taught me how to load the music. Now I have 223 songs from 16 CDs on it. Love it. Here is my new toy.

Speaking of birthdays, my little dog, Muffin, celebrated her 11th birthday last Saturday. However, we did not even do anything special for her. Talked about going and getting her an ice cream cone, but never did it. Probably would not be good for her girly figure. The photo makes it look like she has a little red eye thing going, but she really doesn't. That eye has a pupil problem where the pupil stays dilated more than the other one. Nothing life threatening.

My gardening and yard work is minimal. We picked our first tomato on Saturday, but no others are even turning. Will be a while before we have others. Here is a photo of my purple fountain grass in my perennial bed. The liatris behind it is almost out now. Well, it is off to bed for me. Normally I work at The Sunflower Seed on Thursday, but Anita switched days with me so I am working on Friday this week. Almost did not know what to do with myself today. Now my days will be screwed up since I will be working on Friday. I have trouble enough knowing what day it is anyway.

Thanks for stopping in to read all my rambling. I appreciate you stopping by even if you don't comment. I continue to behind in reading blogs. I think that is going to be a permanent condition.

Happy stitching to all!!!


Jennifer said...

My DH bought me an iPod for my December birthday, and I loved it so much I went out and bought him one for his July birthday, but couldn't wait that long and gave it to him in June. I absolutely adore my iPod, and I know you'll love yours too.

TinaTx said...

Loved hearing about your stitching evening. I'm sure if someone heard some of the comments (out of context) from our weekly stitch nights or get-aways there would be much of the same!
Enjoy your iPod (am I the only person left on earth that doesn't have one? I don't do earphones so I have never wanted one) and happy birthday to ya!

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

My Buddy Lee turns 1 on the 28th. We are celebrating his birthday along with my boyfriend's mom's tomorrow. :)

Have fun with your iPod! I think an iPod will be my next big purchase :)

Ranae said...

The stitching session sounds like a rip roaring time.
I can't wait to see the LHN start. I just love new starts, lol
Happy Birthday! I have even never thought of getting an iPod for myself. That may change though, I spend all my money on stitching stuff.
Happy Stitchin'

Marie-P said...

You hang with a fun crowd! :)
Your sampler is beautiful! I do not know how you get so much stitching done!
GREAT birthday gift...happy birthday!!!

tkdchick said...

Sounds like a great stitchy day!!!!

Michele B. said...

Hi - I just awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award. See my blog! I still have to do the list you sent me. We had a dog named Muffin too (a boxer).

staci said...

You girls sound like you have waaay too much fun, lol! Your MM sampler is wonderful! And congrats on a fab early b-day present (maybe they'll forget they already got you something and will get you more gifties, lol!)

Kajsa said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! Good progress on you WIP.

Kim B said...

Your project looks incredible!

It sounds like you all have way too much fun when you get together!!

Julie said...

Hi Kathy! Great post! Happy Birthday to you and Muffin! Great gift, but I'd rather have MORE stash! :-)