Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh, So Close and Other Happenings

This time I am going to start with my progress on Quaker Christmas. Had thought I might be done by now, but have not had as much time for stitching as usual. There is one whole motif to finish, one half motif to finish and one half motif not started along with a few little filler doodads and 1 letter and a couple of numbers. Then I can also put the 8 in to signify finishing it in 2008. Was not sure I would get it finished this year.
Had to make a stop by the frame shop one day last week to let them look at a Sunflower Seed design model to get mat colors and kind of frame for a customer. While I was there took QC in to begin the look for the perfect frame. Looked at a few choices, but will need more time.

A while back I mentioned the shopping bag that I was attempting to crochet. Finally got a scanned image of the model out of the pattern book. I am making it all one color and will probably line it to make it more durable. Here it my actual crocheting progress. I am using a cotton yarn made by Aunt Lydia that I bought at Wal-Mart years ago. It splits easily, but I have learned to deal with it. Getting close to the end of this pattern stitch and will change in a couple of inches to some type of half-double crochet pattern. Then comes the handles. They are slip stitched together at the top. Mostly I am working on this in the car.
Last weekend we were on the road again to the wedding that I tried to make the dress for. Other clothes worked out fine. The wedding, reception, buffet and dance were awesome. One of the coolest things was a "Candy Buffet" at the reception. All kinds of candy in different shaped bowls and footed bowls. They provided little cellophane bags to take your candy stash back to your table. Harrison and Jamie were such a cute couple and seemed to be having a ball throughout the whole thing. She is just so cute. Even had 2 different dresses. One for the wedding with beads, hoop and train, then another one for the reception and dance. Easier to dance without having to deal with the train.

Here are Harrison and Jamie having their first dance as husband and wife.

You will find that I don't often have pictures of myself or, if there are pictures, allow the to be made public. So look quickly, I am doing a picture of myself, taken at the wedding.

(L-R) Reina (one of my stitching buddies),

Anita (Mother of the groom and owner of The Sunflower Seed),

Kathy (trying not to look like a blimp)

Blogger kept making me do the label for the above picture double spaced. Tried everything to get it changed to no avail. Sorry!!! Stupid Blogger!!! Might also be the operator, but I would never admit to that.

Now to some to the reasons that QC is not done. Of course, I already gave you a glimpse of the wedding. Also worked both Thursday and Friday of last week to allow Anita time to finish up things to the wedding and get out to Salina ahead of time. This week I opening the shop on Monday and stayed most of the rest of the day for Monday night stitching and worked my normal Thursday. We had a severe thunderstorm watch in place on Thursday, but no real storms as it has been the last several weeks on Thursday.. Some areas got lot of rain. We got a little rain and lots of lightning and loud thunder.

Tuesday night Morris and I went to see the KC Royals play the Colorado Rockies. Royals won 7-3. We are 3-1 in games we have seen this year. Way better than last year. Last year we saw them win opening day and never again the rest of the year until our first game this year in April.

Then Wednesday night, Reina and I took Anita out for dinner and a movie to celebrate her birthday which had been on Saturday when we were doing the wedding thing. We had soooo much fun. Ate at Red Robin and then went across the parking lot to see "Sex and the City". It was a very good chick flick. We all had many laughs over that one. Not a heavy movie, just fun. We decided that our Monday night stitcher group should have gone to see it together. However, we would probably be so loud they would kick us out.

Last night, after I closed the shop, I had a meeting at the church regarding a cookbook that we are putting together for the 100th Anniversary of my church that is to be celebrated next year. I offered to help a friend that is chairing the committee. Will I ever learn to say "no"? However, I think this is going to be fun, but a lot of work. We can enter the recipes online, which makes things a little easier. I am in charge of the "Soups and Salads". I started out with 64 recipes and picked up another at least 20 last night. Spent some time working on it on Tuesday to see how it worked. Got 2 in then and put another 8 in today. Slow going, but as I do more it should go faster. Sometimes we are having to do some composing as we go along.

You will not believe it, but I am still behind in blog reading. It has been almost a month since I missed about 6-7 days. Even when I read and sparingly comment on 20 or so a day, I cannot seem to get caught up. So many of your comments will come but it is just taking awhile. Love reading every one's news and trying to keep up with everything going on. Thanks for reading all my babble when it shows up occasionally. You comments are appreciated and makes me feel like I am gaining a new set of stitching buddies.

Stay cool and keep those needles flying.


Meari said...

Wow, you've been busy!! Your projects look great. The bag is going to look really cute. Love the pics :)

Itching To Stitch said...

Talk about needles flying!! I've never seen a piece stitched up as quickly as QC. It is just stunning and I love the color choices you made for this ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Kathy,
You have been busy!! The wedding looks like fun and you guys look great..

Your QC is so close to being exciting!!

Thanks for your kind words about is so darned hard without him but we still have Sparky, thank goodness!

So, what days of the week do you work besides Thursday?


Jennifer/OH said...

I struggle to catch up on my blog reading and commenting too. I have been obsessed with crochet bags lately. My pattern is a freebie from Sugar n' Cream. Woohoo, that cotton yarn is on sale at Hobby Lobby this week too!
I think your photo is GREAT!!! I am so glad to see a ,real woman and not some Supermodel set on this planet to embarrass the rest of us.

Mary Ann said...

You have been busy!

Quaker Christmas is so pretty!! And, I love the bag you are working on, too.

staci said...

Your post is just chock full! QC is fabulous! And love all your other photos too :)

Erica said...

Hi Kathy!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I agree with you about the mat. I think it would be better without one. I usually prefer it that way if I can manage it.
The wedding looked like a lot of fun!

Julie said...

Goodness Kathy! I'm in need of a nap after reading all that! LOL
Good luck with the cookbook thing and getting QC finished. Always enjoy reading your blog.

Sonda in OR said...

You are SOOO much further than I on QC and it looks great!!! I know what you mean about getting behind on blog reading. That's where I am now.