Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Made It To The Corner

I hit a significant milestone on Quaker Christmas late last week. I made to the upper right hand corner. When I got close to the corner, I just kept working until I reached the corner. Now my stitching friends tell me I am almost done. They haven't seen the size of the remaining motifs. Still think it will take at least 3 more weeks of stitching. This is most definitely the biggest design I have ever done. I have a few WIPs that are big, but I have stayed with this one. And will continue with it until done.
Been struggling with allergies and sinus issues the last couple of days. Monday I opened the LNS and we had no A/C, so I opened the doors to help keep things cool. It was a somewhat cool day. Between that and the no A/C, I really messed up my allergies contributing to sinus drainage for a scratchy throat. Have not gone anywhere these last two days.

Have been doing a little sewing on my dress for a wedding on the 21st. Actually have made a little progress in between phone calls. Seems like people know when I am home trying to get some things done. The phone rings all the time. Was worried that this dress I was making might not be ready by the wedding or I would not like it, so I tried ordering a couple of dresses. It is so hard to find clothes that are not for a teen or my grandmother. I fit somewhere in between that. They came yesterday and I tried them on this morning. Suffice it to say "They are both going back to where they came from". The dress I am working on will have to work.

A couple of weeks ago when I went shopping with Reina and Anita, I bought this crochet pattern book for one of the patterns in it. It was for a shopping bag that I thought would come in handy and it looked like something that I could manage. So I started it on Monday while sitting at the LNS. Needed a car project. Have it going pretty good, but now that I read the pattern again, I may rip part of it out because I don't think I did the turning ends right. The directions are not real clear. It seems to be written a little different than I am used to. Maybe I am just dense.

This weekend Morris and I are going to meet with some of my college friends about an hour away from here to attend the 3rd annual "Symphony in the Flint Hills". This is where the Kansas City Symphony goes out into the middle of a pasture and puts on a concert. The Flint Hills are a rolling type hills in Kansas that runs from near the northern border down into Oklahoma in the eastern third of Kansas. Most of it is still in the native grasses and is used to graze cattle in the summer. Part of it has been made into a National Preserve. The first year the concert was held on the grounds of the National Preserve. The concert runs from 6:30PM until about sunset. Everyone that I have ever heard from that went said that it was "awesome" and you did not need to be a symphony orchestra fan to enjoy it. Will need the crochet project for the ride down and back. Will have the dog with us and it is just too difficult to try to stitch with her on my lap.

Gotta get back to the sewing. Hope to have some pictures from the concert and the prairie.

Thanks to all that stop by and comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. I am way behind on my reading, commenting and responding to your comments. It might be necessary just to read and comment very little, in order to get caught up. Cannot get the number waiting to be read much under 100.


Miokka said...

You can do it... you can do it... you can do it! Quaker Christmas is going to be beautiful!
Good luck on the sewing. Sewing machines make me break out in hives!
I miss the Flint Hills! Wide open spaces for as far as you can see... Have fun! Take pictures for me!

Kim B said...

A Quaker Christmas is incredible! I hope to be that good some day as to finish such a huge and impressive project!

That Symphony concert sounds amazing!

Vonna said...

Oh my...I have the same issue with dresses when I need can't find any suitable dress shops around...and I buy mine from kidding and I always get exactly what I want. Have you ever tried Blair?
I love Quaker Christmas and you are doing a great job on it...seems to be going fast to me!
And my DH suffers extremely with his sinus allergies...this spring has been horrible for him. So I can understand what you're going though knowing what he goes through.

monique said...

Beautiful progress!

staci said...

QC is just fabulous! You'll have it done long before snow flies ;)

Allergies, ugh! We all suffer too!

Itching To Stitch said...

I am drooling over your QC. Your needles seem to be motorized. It is coming along just beautifully ;)

Jennifer/OH said...

I tried a crochet grocery sack from an on-line free pattern (Sugar n' Cream website). For some reason it came about about HALF the size that it should have. I could fit one loaf of bread in there and nothing else!
Quaker Christmas looks great. It inspires me to dig up some WIPs and get going.

Erica said...

I love this design! You are certainly doing a great job on it!
I will stop in from time to time to watch.

Julie said...

Hello! Yes, I've heard the concert is great! I wasn't aware though that you could take dogs! Enjoy your evening out there. Take lots of pictures!
Wasn't last night fun? And the night before? At this rate, I'll be ready for WINTER soon!
QC looks great, again I hope you'll display it framed in the store so that I can see it in person.
I hope you're feeling better and back to sewing.

Michelle said...

Quaker Christmas is stunning!


Meari said...

Your Quaker piece looks great. It *does* look like you're almost done. Good for you!

CritterLady62 said...

Quaker Christmas looks wonderful. Good luck on getting that dress finished. I'm sure with you on items from the store either being for a teen or a grandmother. The concert sounds wonderful - enjoy yourself.

Linen Stitcher said...

I would love to stitch "Quaker Christmas" someday, but in the meantime, I'll just admire yours from afar. It's lovely, and it does look like it's "almost done." Can't wait to see the finish!