Sunday, August 26, 2007

USO - Unidentified Stitching Objects

Just a quick post to let you know this has been a relatively good stitching week. It was hot a lot of the week, so I did not go much of anywhere and got in a lot of stitching. However, all the stitching has been on things that I cannot show pictures of the progress. Hence the USO name.
  • Finished a design model for The Sunflower Seed. Frame is ordered and once framed it will be available.
  • Started a Christmas present for one of my friends, but don't want to show pictures, since she may read my blog from time to time. It is going well. Getting close to being half done. Will post pictures after Christmas. Have plans for 3 other projects as Christmas presents.
  • Picked up and started another Sunflower Seed design model. Just beginning. Have the border around about one-fourth of it.

Also I got some significant stitching done on my BAP, Village of Hawk Run Hallow while watching a baseball game and the NASCAR race last night. I love that piece. Really like stitching on it. Plans are being made to turn this into a SAL with Marie P and Jane. Marie is waiting on fabric, and she is stressing that she is going to be behind. I doubt that. With all the things I am stitching on at one time, I won't get too far ahead of her. Will try to post a photo next time.

One morning last week I made some Fresh Tomato Salsa. We have had lots of tomatoes, but not enough to go to the trouble of making a big batch for canning. Have been keeping a couple of other people supplied with tomatoes.

Now I have some Colorado peaches that came in on a truck last week that I need to do something with. Not sure how I will take care of them. When it is hot, I don't like to work against the a/c by making cobblers and pies. It is supposed to get hot here again for the first part of the week. Temps up in the 90's with heat index above 100.

Here's hoping everyone has a good week. I am going to do some more work on the computer and then do a little stitching before bed. I am a night owl, so I still have about 2 hours more.


Hazel said...

oooooh canned peaches in syrup is yummy. Although I haven't the foggiest what to do with fruit except add a load of sugar to it. Love tomatoes too. Wish you were my neighbour! xx

Julie said...

You tell Anita to give you a raise! You deserve one with all the stitching you're doing for her! :-)
I am looking forward to seeing a lot of pics: BAP, Christmas presents and models.
Fresh salsa and peaches do sound good! I think it won't be so hot after tomorrow, am hoping at least.

jane said...

Let me know when to begin! I have done the middle block, but that's all. I am busy working on my pumpkin right now!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, the fresh salsa and peaches sound delicious! I'm looking forward to seeing WIP pictures!

I hope you have a great weekend!