Thursday, August 2, 2007

On the Road Again and Stitching Progress (No Pictures)

Have one more day to get ready for a big trip to New York. Sig. Other and I are headed out on a baseball related trip on Saturday morning. As time goes on you will discover that I am a sports junkie. Love to watch on TV and go to games. Like Kansas State University sports of all kinds, Kansas City Royals baseball and NASCAR. Favorite driver is Kasey Kahne. I had to get a new one last year when my favorite driver retired (Rusty Wallace). Well, I digress from the trip. We are going to a game at both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium before they both are replaced and torn down after the 2008 season. It has always been a dream of ours to make it to most of the major league baseball stadiums. Already have missed some of the old ones, but could not miss out on this chance to see them both in one trip. The trip is sponsored by a sports talk show on a local radio station. There are 40 people going. They were so surprised at who signed up for the trip. Over one-third are women.The Yankee game will be against the Royals and in a suite.LA-De-Da. There is even a dress code there. No jeans, no shorts and no flip flops. That just about knocks out my wardrobe. So tomorrow will be spent finishing up the preparations and packing.

One of the biggest issues is figuring out what stitching projects too take. Want to make sure that I have enough, God forbid that I would run out of anything to do. But yet don't want to overdo it. Easy for a stitcher to do. Again, you want to make sure you don't run out. It is a long flight, so hope to get a lot of stitching done there. Actually, I had to start a new small project to take along. It is a Christmas present for one of my friends. So I have started the Christmas Season.

As for stitching progress. I finished the design model that I was doing for The Sunflower Seed. They were taking pictures of it for the web site today. It should be up on there in a few days. The name is "Give Me A Home". It was fun to stitch. I love the border. Last week I picked up another design to stitch, again it is a secret until it is released. I am about 1/4 done with it. It is a real fun stitch.

Still working on my PS Cranberry Christmas ornaments. The third one is about 1/2 done. It will travel to NY with me. These are going to be shop models for the LNS. We are going to try to finish them similar to the pictures on the pattern. She has ordered some WDW wool to put on the back as part of the outside frame of the design. (See picture on the pattern).

Recently, I joined a Yahoo Group called Wonderful XS World (wXSw). A designer named Helga Mandl has set up a Halloween SAL of some of her designs. It started August 1st and you are to stitch one design a week and post a picture of what you have stitched at least once every 2 weeks. This runs through October 14th. Actually, you are supposed to do it on weekends, but already many have stitched 3 or more before August 1st. I got my first one stitched today. (Beware of the Cat) I had to make color changes, etc. but it was a very fun quick stitch. Picture later.

My birthday had the last hurrah on Tuesday. I had another lunch with a friend. I could say stitching friend because we became friends through stitching, but now we are friends because we like and enjoy each other not just because of the stitching. Well, she knows that I like snowmen, so guess what I got snowmen. Love it. Still needs to be framed. (Picture later) Think I will run to the frame shop tomorrow to see about a mat for it and see if they can cut snowflakes in the mat. Found a frame moulding at the LNS that I like.. She also gave me a gift certificate the the frame shop. We had a great 2 hour lunch including cheesecake for dessert. It truely has been a great birthday. People are so generous to me that it amazes me.

Well, I better end this rambling before my readers fall asleep. Thanks to all that stop by to read my ramblings. We return from our trip Wednesday afternoon, so there will not be another post until after that. Try to have pictures then.

Thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis and their families. What a horrific thing to happen.

Happy stitching!!


jane said...

I am a new blogger also. I know exactly what you mean about reading blogs so much that you don't have as much time to stitch.
I am trying to discipline myself - ha ha. I'll be interested to see how you progress on your Village. I have started it also, but then got sidetracked by the sampler I am working on. Have a good trip!

Julie said...

Kathy, happy belated birthday! I hope you're enjoying your trip and that the weather is much nicer where you are!

Miokka said...

Thanks for the welcome! Another Jayhawker and a Rusty fan! Tho, I have yet to find another favorite driver to replace him. So cool you knew my other hero, Mr. Ensley.
Happy belated birthday & travel safe!

Marie-P said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was fun.
Did you enjoy NY? Unlike you I am not much of a sports fan~Sure hope it was not too hot, we have had a few really hot days here in the northeast!
Look forward to some stitching pics :-)