Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yes, I Know!!!!

This is a phrase that I use often when my local stitching friends say "you have not done an update to your blog". My response is always "yes, I know". No real excuses, just too lazy or would rather stitch or mess on Facebook. I loaded the pictures for this a couple of days ago and they were actually taken over a week ago. More evidence of my procrastination of doing a blog update.

My last stitching Christmas present is finally completed and was given to the lucky recipient last week. It is LHN-Under the Prairie Moon done on 30-ct. R&R Irish Creme with the called for Belle Soie silk. Frame is Pecan Pearls from East Side Moulding.

I did have a small finish. It is a Primitive Betty freebie off her blog. Done on a left over piece of Irish Creme with my beloved Belle Soie Cranberry and Noir. Had hoped I would take time and make it into a little hanging pillow. Did not happen. Maybe by next Valentine's Day.

There has been some progress on the Shakespeare's Peddler Jenny Been Halloween sampler my STO Yahoo Group January 1st start. It is on 28-ct R&R Lt. Cappuccino with the limited edition GAST threads. Since this photo was taken the house has been completed, the border has been completed to both corners, alphabet is complete except for "Z" and the tree trunk and limbs are in. I have changed the color on the tree. It looked too green and then with green leaves I did not like the way it looked. I used Maple Syrup for the tree. Photo next time. Maybe done or almost done.
The progress on my Quaker SAL with my Kansas Stitchers Yahoo Group is hard to determine. I am still working on this craggy old tree. It is beginning to look like weeping branches of a tree. Haven't worked on this since the photo was taken. I am ready to work on another part of this design. Still have quite a bit more tree before I can get to some other part of it. Just a reminder, it is being done on 30-ct R&R Lucky Penny with a variety of silks. The tree thread is Thread Gather Silk 'n Colors Mississippi Mud and the pattern tells you to stitch thing up and down. That continues to be a challenge.
Other stitching is the sampler for the Shop Hop that The Sunflower Seed will be a part of in late April and early May. It has several little designs with a neat border. I have one little design done, a part of another design and about half of the border. Will be alternating back and forth among these 3 projects.

The crochet bug continues to bite me, so I have been doing some crocheting too. This is a baby afghan for my niece who is to have a girl at the end of February. Or so we thought. I had a text message from her a day or two ago saying it would probably be March 3 or 4th. I guess she is not done yet. Decided it had to be pink, because this is her first girl after 2 boys. (The color in my photos sometimes has a yellow cast. I think that is from taking pictures late at night in my basement.) My mother over the years used up her leftover yarn to make these neat diagonal potholders, but I never learned how to make them. She has been gone almost 14 years and the ones I have are wearing out. So in discussion with some of my stitching friends, I figured out how to make them and have gone crazy making them. Here are 6 I have made and there are 2 more since this photo was taken. Sometimes the combinations are not great, but they make great potholders.

Yesterday was my normal day to work at The Sunflower Seed, but this week my working days have been extended. Anita left this morning for the Nashville Cash and Carry Market, so I am taking care of the shop until she returns on Tuesday. Also have Betsy, the shop dog, at my house too. Looking forward to all the goodies that Anita will bring back, as well as, hearing that she sold out of all the designs she released at market.

There you go girls a blog update. Thanks to all who visit and bear with me during my lapses in blogging. You visits and comments are appreciated.

Happy Stitching.


staci said...

You always have so much great stitching to show!

My grandma used to make those potholders, and mine are long when I came across some in a thrift store, I had to buy them, lol! I'd love to make some myself, would you be willing to share the pattern?

Kim B said...

Your stitching is utter perfection!!

Dede said...

Glad to see you haven't given up on blogging! Good to hear your news. Love seeing your projects.

I have made some of those pot holders a few years ago but have forgotten exactly how it was done. The lady that showed me is no longer able to help me with them so may have to ask you to share too! I had made a bunch of them in Christmas red and green as gifts.They were quick to stitch and alwasy useful.
Hope to see the new patterns at the shop this week if the weather improves!

Michele B. said...

Yay, a post from you! One good thing about infrequent blogging - there is always lots to see when you do post. You certainly have been busy, especially stitching trees. Jenny Bean looks great, as do the potholders. Do you remember the kind that kids used to make with loops on a little metal loom? I wonder if those are still around.

Kajsa said...

Beautiful stitching! Nice potholders too!

Michelle said...

Snow?? What? It's spring!