Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow!! Snow!! Snow!!

It was our turn to get dumped on by a snow storm. The weekend before Christmas it was the east coast and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day it was the Midwest Plains States. On Wednesday it rained like it was spring with lightening and thunder, with it changing to snow on Christmas Eve Day. Snowed and blowed all night Christmas Eve and all day Christmas. Sometimes you weren't sure how much it was snowing because it was blowing it around so much. We continued to have light snow on the day after Christmas. It is unusual for us to get this much snow at one time. The actual official measurement was between 10 -12 inches. I don't know how they were even able to measure it with it blowing around like it did. We had a few inches earlier in the month. Tonight they are predicting 1-2 inches. If we get 1 1/2 inches it will be come the snowiest December on record in Topeka.
Here are a few pictures that we took. First, a drift in the side yard.

A drift behind the garage where in the summer the tomato plants are growing. I wonder if snow is good fertilizer. You can see that there is a small drift on the deck. It is almost up to the bottom of the chairs.
A drift around the hot tub and onto the patio. Lots of snow on top of the hot tub. You can see that it was still snowing a little when these pictures were taken.
My perennial flower bed out front has a big drift too. It just about covers the little light-up Christmas trees we have out there. The last two on the end are barely visible, just a little glow through the snow.

Morris made several attempts on Saturday getting the driveway shoveled out so he could get out his pick-up. I had not been out of the house since mid-afternoon on Wednesday and he had not been out since mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve, so we got out on Sunday afternoon and went to the mall to walk around. I think he was getting cabin fever. Needless to say, we did not make our Christmas trek to South Dakota for Christmas with his family. Based on the weather forecast here and for up there, we cancelled the trip on Tuesday afternoon. Mailed their Christmas present on Wednesday. They have already received them. Fast service. I went ahead and made the things that I had planned to take up there to eat. Christmas Eve we had sloppy joes and I did a ham for Christmas dinner. I had gone ahead and bought one a few days ahead of time just in case we ended up not going. Which is what happened. By Sunday, we were both tired of eating Sloppy Joes and ham. LOL!!!

Enough about the nasty snow, on to stitching stuff. Now I can reveal the Christmas stitching that I have been working on the last couple of months. The first was was for Reina. I did not change anything on this one.

Give Us This Day
by La D Da
30-ct R&R Kansas City Blend
GAST Thread
This one was for Anita. Had to make a few color substitutions on this one. I used GAST Dried Thyme instead of Evergreen and WDW Onyx instead of GAST Black Crow. I thought I had plenty of Black Crow, but ran out and picked up another skein at the shop. It was totally different. It had lots of blue in it. The crows did not look good blue and I had to rip out everything I had already put in. Then I had to play around until I found a color that I thought looked good. Tried Mascara and Kohl, but the Onyx looked best. Someday I will learn to check how much I have and whether the latest at the shop is close to what I already have.
by The Workbasket
28-ct Natural Brown Linen
GAST Threads with changes

This is an older Workbasket design. I got it when we had a trunk show from them at the LNS a year or so ago. I think the date on it is 1997. Just thought the long legs and tail feathers made it an interesting design.

Reina stitched this LHN design out of the 2009 JCS Ornament magazine for me. She knows how much I like LHN designs. I love it and I don't think will put it away when the Christmas things get put away. It probably will be up year round. ( I did not do a very good job of photographing and cropping this one.) Sorry!!
There is still one gift that I am stitching on. It is coming along, but has taken longer than I thought. It is LHN "Under The Prairie Moon". Here is my progress. My brain was not thinking right, I guess, because I need just a little more Moss for the roof. What I have is lighter than what I first started with and have run out of. See there I did it again. Did not plan properly for how much was needed and the change in dye lots. It is stitched on 30-ct R&R Irish Creme with Belle Soie silk. No that is not dirt on the fabric, that is just the way the over dye worked out.
Since we did not travel for Christmas, I decided that I would start something new on Christmas Day. I went looking around to see what had fabric and thread already. I came across this design that Anita did for all of us at our last weekend retreat. She included 30-ct R&R Antique Cotton with the design and it used DMC thread. I substituted my Anchor floss for most colors, but was missing a few so have some DMC as well. Across the bottom is a little figure for each of us charted in our favorite color, with proper hair color and our initials. It will mean a lot when it is done. The verse is "Our lives are but a tapestry".

Here is my progress. Since this photo was taken, I have done one more house, finished the word "Topeka" and done the first figure without feet. That figure is mine and my dress is purple and my hair is silver gray like it is in real life.
With all the snow and cold, I have not been going too many places. Actually the furthest I have gone since Sunday is to the end of the driveway to the mailbox. Been alternating between Prairie Moon, Sunflower Stitchers and a small design model for the Sunflower Seed.

Two of the Yahoo groups that I am in are planning January 1st start projects. The Kansas Stitcher group is going to do a SAL for A Quaker Christmas by ByGone Stitches. Since I have already done that one, I am going to do Quaker Gone Spooky by Michelle Ink. I will be using 30-ct R&R Lucky Penny with part of the silk called for. I am using Silk 'n Colors instead of Prairie Winter and Belle Soie Noir instead of Silk 'n Colors Fading Ink. My hands have been itching to stitch this. Now the first is not far off.

My STO Yahoo group is having January 1st SAL of your choice of designs. This group did this last year too and everyone really enjoyed watching each other's projects come to life. I think that most everyone finished their projects at some point during the year. It is good motivation when you have a group doing something like this. For this SAL I am going to do Shakespeare's Peddler's Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler using the limited edition GAST threads that were developed for this design on 28-ct R&R Lt. Cappuccino. The thread names for this are rather ghoulish.
Thanks to all the continue to read and comment on my blog. I post rather infrequently, but when I do it is a lot Don't see that changing any time soon. You comments are very much appreciated. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I don't know who it was that wanted a "White Christmas", but I thin they got more than they bargained for around here.

It is hard to believe that another year is just about here. Time flies when you are having fun stitching all the time. Here's wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.
Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vonna said...

WOW Kathy, I am in awe and shock over your White Christmas!! And I LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E All your stitching both given and received. I absolutely adore that LHN stitched and framed that your friend gave to you....I think I'm stealing that one :)

Kim B said...

That is A LOT of snow! My sister lives in Iowa and they got a whole lot of snow a few weeks ago. Being an AZ native, it was her very first "snow day." I don't think I would know what to do with that kind of snow!

Beautiful stitched pieces!

staci said...

That is a lot of snow! Glad we didn't get that much (we got about 9 inches and then it headed your way.)

Gorgeous finishes :)

Theresa said...

Hi Kathy--We had our share of snow here in Hays too. Started as freezing rain and sleet. Made it pretty slick. It is actually snowing lightly right now. I am going to start a Quaker Christmas today sometime. I am going to us DMC since it is washable and it will take me awhile to get it done. I have wanted to do it ever since you posted a picture of yours. Love the Sunflower Seed Stitchers--very cute design. Take care and Have a SAFE and HAPPY 2010!!

Brigitte said...

Wow, now that is what I call a White Christmas, lol. But I think it was just a bit too much. I hope the snow situation will improve soon.
Your stitched gifts are so beautiful, and so is the one you received. Great new projects - you are doing the best one can do when confined to the house - stitch. Lol.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Kajsa said...

All your stitching looks great as alwayw! I can wait to see your spooky quaker stitched up, I like that pattern. We are getting more snow today, hope you won't get it!

Michele B. said...

All your stitching looks great - you are a whiz with substituting colors. I particularly love Crowflowers - I will have to look for that one. And the one from your retreat is really special - life is but a tapestry of friends, isn't it? Hope your dad is doing okay.

Michelle said...

Hi Kathy! My parents kept me well informed of the snow.. You had a white Christmas for sure! The LHN gift you received is one of my favorites.. The La Da Da is beautiful!!

Thanks for visiting!

Sonda in OR said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow...we've only gotten a little this year, right after Christmas, but it was quickly gone. I love Crowflowers, and your other WIPs are lovely!