Friday, November 20, 2009

It Did Not Happen

My plan was to do a blog today, before we leave for a week in Branson. Well, it did not happen. Was too busy getting things ready to go. You would think I was leaving the country the way that we pack up things. All I really want to do when we are down there is stitch. However, we will do a couple of shows and some shopping.

I have been stitching, but most of it is Christmas gifts or Sunflower Seed design models, so no photos yet. Two of the Sunflower Seed designs that I stitched are almost ready to be released. By the time I get back from Branson, I should be able to show them here. Also, did some work on the overdue baby sampler. Was going to show you how much progress I have made since the last photo taken several months ago.

Before I forget Anita at The Sunflower Seed now has a blog. She is loving it. You can visit it here.

Apparently the crud and cough I have been battling was allergy related. Much better and don't have much of a cough. The only thing different the did was give me a sample of a nasal spray. My dad is still battling his cough. Turns out it related to congestive heart failure and fluid retention because the heart was not working properly. He is back in the hospital and last evening they installed a pacemaker. According to e-mails received from my sister and a cousin he is much better and should go home tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone that takes the time to visit my little space in cyberland. Your visits and comments are very much appreciated.

Now off to finish packing things up. Stitching is packed, just have to pack my Ott-Lite. My youngest sister lives a short distance from Branson and she is coming down to spend a day with me and stitch. Looking forward to that.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Happy Stitching.


Jennifer said...

I hope your dad recovers soon. Enjoy your trip to Branson and I look forward to your blog posts about all that's new in your life.

Kim B said...

I'm thinking of and praying for a quick recover for you dad. Enjoy your trip!!

Sharyn said...

Hope your dad is doing better since he has the pacemaker. Enjoy your time in Branson. How neat that you'll have a day with your sister!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Sharyn :-)

Brigitte said...

Such a pacemaker usually changes everything. I hope your dad is back home and getting better and better.
Have a great stay at Branson.

Michele B. said...

You and your dad definitely deserve a run of good health - hope Thanksgiving brings lots of good things. Looking forward to seeing your stitching when you can show it.

Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kathy! I hope your dad is feeling better...

Michelle said...


I'd love to help decorate, but my body is exhausted! I do enjoy the LHN designs .. started Fa~La~La last night. :) Hope your holiday was a fun one!

Kajsa said...

Hope your dad is doing better! Can't wait to see the models you stitched on.