Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Update

It will probably come as a big surprise to my regular readers and my local stitching friends, but this is going to be a quick post. (hopefully) My plans were to take some more pictures tomorrow in the daylight and include more up to date photos of stitching. Got a call from Anita, owner of LNS-The Sunflower Seed and she was not feeling well, so I am working at the shop tomorrow. Not much else on the agenda, so it is not a problem. Just refocus on some other things.
First of all, I picked up my LHN - From Sea to Shining Sea from the framers about a week ago. Here is the final product. I love it.In one of my small Yahoo groups, we had an online retreat last weekend. Last year they had a retreat in Kansas City with several of the group attending. That was just after I joined the group, so I did not participate. I think I had a football game that weekend. Since the group is very diverse in where they are located, the moderators decided to have an online retreat. The group has several designers in it. Two of them designed retreat pieces. One was 2 Quaker Acorns. The other was a floral needlework. Other things included with the retreat was bingo, recipes and lots of chatting. It was hard to keep up with the stitching and the chatting at the same time. It is easier in person to talk and stitch, but when you have to be on the computer to chat, then you cannot stitch. On top of that I was gone the better part of Sunday for my Dad's birthday party. More on that at a later time. I do have a couple of pictures of that to share.

I did manage to finish one of the Quaker Acorns. The thread is Thread Gather Silk 'n Colors Crimson Wood on 32-ct Lambswool linen. I thought it was 28 when I picked it out, but the longer I stitched I figured out it was 32-ct. Oh, well. Now to get the other one done sometime. I am putting them on the same piece of fabric vertically and have requested the designer do another one so I can turn it into a bell pull. Marianne are you listening!!!

It seems that I am almost as addicted to the Blackbird Designs Stockings as I am to silk floss. Here is my start on "Here Comes The Bride" from the June leaflet. There is quite a bit more done since this photo was taken. Wedding Ring is one of my favorite quilt pattens. It is done on R&R 30-ct Korty's Special Blend using CC-Antique Lace and Cheryl Chic and DMC 712. Not much color change in the two off white colors.

Last Friday, while at the LNS the Blackbird Designs Halloween Stocking leaflet came in. Anita and I worked to cut fabric from the various called for colors. They are all so cute. I want to stitch them all.

Saturday, one of the Monday stitchers, invited us all to stitch at her house after the LNS closed at 3 and we stitched til around 10. Good food, great laughs and much stitching what a great combination. So Friday night I got the "Candy Corn" stocking barely started and stitched on it at our get together. Did have a few complications. Left most of my thread at home. Had to stop by the LNS for WDW-Carrot and I used some of Anita's GAST Butternut Squash. Then when I got home, I figured out that about 4 of my corn pieces were off by one thread. So I spend part of last night ripping and re-stitching. Hopefully, I will have it done the next time I post.

MUFFIN UPDATE : She did not have her scheduled surgery. Her blood work showed some problems that they spent all day with more tests and blood work to diagnose. This is the second time she could not pass her tests for surgery. I think she is does this on purpose so she does not have to have the surgery. She was, however, diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, which is a treatable, but not curable. Basically her body produces too much steroid and the pituitary gland that is supposed to shut it off, does not do it. The vet says that there is probably a very, very small tumor on her pituitary gland that prevents it from functioning properly. He told me that we don't do brain surgery on dogs. I read that same thing online. Now we are giving her some type of liquid medicine twice a day for 3 days and then in a week or so they will run blood tests to see if the meds are doing what they are supposed to. After 2 doses, she is taking it like a trooper. Don't know how cooperative she will be in the future. The meds are supposed to be liver-flavored, but it does not really smell that good.

Thursday we leave for out trip to California. Looking forward to it and have lots to take care of in the next few days. Probably no more updates until I return. Will be taking my new Acer computer with me and hope to try to keep up with e-mails and not get to far behind on blog reading.

Sometimes, I forget to thank all those who stop in to see what is going on in my world. Your comments are what keeps me going on this blog thing.

Happy Stitching


Theresa said...

HI---Love Sea to Shining Sea! Fair went good--wasn't the same w/o you but maybe next year you can come out and WOW the judges. Have a safe trip!!
Theresa in NW Kansas

Vonna said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Sea to Shining Sea framed finish...I LOVE IT!
And your acorn is adorable!
Have a safe trip...

Kim B said...

Beautiful framing for your LHN!

CindyMae said...

Sea to Shining Sea looks wonderful framed . . . beautiful! Love your current stitching as well. So sorry to hear about Muffin!! Hope you enjoy your trip!

Kajsa said...

The framing is perfect on the your Sea to...Love the acorn too, those turnedo out so cute.

Michele B. said...

That frame is perfect for the piece, and I just love the acorn - perfect for the upcoming fall. Pets are part of our family and it's so distressing when they are sick. I will send good thoughts Muffin's way.