Friday, July 10, 2009

Stitching Along

Here is the completed birthday present that I had been working on for Anita. I gave it to her late last month. She used to have a wonderful Scottie. The pattern called for 4-5 colors of gray and black and I decided to use an overdyed silk instead.
Vermillion Stitchery - Scottie Dog

28-ct Lambswool Linen

Belle Soie - Noir

It seems that I am still infatuated with the BBD Stocking designs. Here is my latest finish. It is from the May designs. The purple is purple aster instead of the called for Sugared Violets. LNS was out of Sugared Violets and I could not wait for the order to come in.

BBD - Tulip Border Stocking (May)
30 ct. Korty's Special Blend
CC - Poblano Pepper and Purple Aster

Yesterday while I was working at the LNS, I picked up the June and July Stocking designs. Last night I got a start on Bountiful Stars from the July designs. I am using Belle Soie Blue Lagoon and Cranberry. You know me an silk. I cannot live with out it, so I did some substituting. I like the colors being a little brighter than the model. Progress so far.

Actually I have done a little more on this while I was waiting for photos to load in blogger. Should have this done fairly quickly. However, will not get much done tomorrow, as the stitching group is taking a road trip. We are making a Vera Bradley/Brighton jewelry run to KC. It is my birthday month and the birthday gift is burning a hole in my pocket.

I also have been doing quite a bit of model stitching for The Sunflower Seed. Have one design done waiting on the frame. The next one is getting close to being half done. Both have been fun stitches. Also had a case of startitis and have started LHN coffee series. I am doing all three designs on one piece. Have the border almost done on Cappuccino. Progress photo to come later.

Blackbird Designs freebie has been done a while, but I just got it framed. Anita did some rearranging at the shop and this is one model that I had done that she sent home with me. It is a 2005 design by Lizzie Kate. It was from her pocketbook series kits. It will be added to my patriotic wall of designs.

Recently I completed another prayer shawl. It is more of a country blue IRL. A friend and I delivered it Monday to my adopted Mother. She had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday. Have another one in progress. It is probably about half done. I do these on car trips when I cannot stitch with a dog in my lap.
Thanks to everyone for their comments on my last post and to all others that stop by. I guess the last one was a little busy, but things have slowed down considerably. However, I still don't think I have my blogging mojo up to par. Bear with me as I try to get things moving in the right direction. Have lots of photos of stitching retreat, Symphony in the Flint Hills and 4th of July fireworks to show. Maybe I can get my act together and put together another post real soon. Would rather spend my time stitching than messing with blogger.

Just now blogger had a hiccup and I thought I had lost the last hour's work. Was able to retrieve the autosaved draft. I am going to hit publish real soon before it disappears again.


Kim B said...

I love the BBD stockings! I will have to do these myself one of these days!

Kajsa said...

All your finishes look great! Nice framing too! Can't wait to see more of that patriotic stocking.

CindyMae said...

Love the Scottie and I am sure that she loves it too! Great stitching and wonderful framing too! The prayers shaw is gorgeous!!! I just love it.

Michelle said...

Hi Kathy,

You've got some great finishes.. I REALLY want to do one of those Blackbird Design stockings. Hope you had fun on your getaway to KC!


Brigitte said...

There are some reat finishes to admire. The frames you chose look very good.
I love those BBD stockings, too. One day I'll start stitching them.