Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Out of Circulation

Well, Anita and I survived the Shop Hop. It was a busy 3 days. I went into the shop to open on Monday morning while she went to the follow-up meeting and to draw for the prizes. Before I left home I received a call from you nearly 89-year old father. Said he was not feeling well and wondered if I could come spend a few days with him and helping out. Told him I would need to rearrange some things, but would call him back with when I could come. Had obligations at church on Sunday and my Thursday work day at the LNS. After numerous phone calls and talking to Anita, I got the church stuff covered and figured out how I could get one day of work in to give her a day off and still make it to my Dad's.

The plan was for me to trade days and work Wednesday instead of Thursday. So I am leaving after lunch tomorrow to go stay with my Dad. It is about 125 miles away. This allowed me to get some grocery shopping done for him and to leave for Morris, do some laundry and get my stitching stuff lined up. Surprise! Surprise!. I plan to stay until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Will look into a few things regarding to help make life easier for him. I think he really is just feeling lonely and depressed. He has never been one to handle being alone. My step-mother has had to be moved closer to one of her daughters out of state for care. She was in failing health too and it was a struggle for them both to take care of each other. I think my Dad will do better just having to care for himself, but he does get very lonely.

Have packed up all my stitch projects, my crocheting, a book and my Ipod. After living in a city of some size since I graduated from high school many, many years ago, it is difficult to go back to the community where I grew up. It is a VERY rural and poor area of the state. For most things you have to drive 30 miles, that includes the grocery store. There is a very small grocery store with basic items, but not much else. I have done this before, but it is always hard.

Since I won't be back until mid-week, the drawing for the giveaway for my 100th post will be delayed until my return. There will be no computer access while I am down there. I might be able to go to the library, but not sure. If you want to sign up for the giveaway or read about it go here. Have finally gotten my Google Reader to just under 200, but it will be back up to a high number when I return. I really try to get caught up, but it just does not seem to happen. So, I am mostly reading and not commenting. Sorry about that. I am seeing some awesome stitching, but just don't take time to comment, so I can move on to the next one. I just don't want the blogging and reading to take up too much of my stitching time.

Not much stitching news here, but I promise to do an update when I return. I have finished the "Aloha" piece that was a Christmas present. Getting it to the framer will have to be after I get back. When I get back I will work one day, go to a graduation party, go to a Royals baseball game and usher at church for the first 4 days after I return. The rat race continues.

Happy Stitching to All and will post when I return.


Kim B said...

It sounds like you are juggling a lot. Your father is in our prayers. Loneliness is a sad state.

Vonna said...

I hope your Daddy feels better soon, that has to be hard to have your wife living somewhere else and being lonely and alone....

Jennifer/OH said...

Hope your dad is cheered up by your visit....I'm sure he will be. That "need help with a few things" phrase that dad's use always means they really need the company more the the actual help. He's lucky to have a daughter like you.

Miokka said...

It's good you can go help your dad. Travel safe. Enjoy your time with him. We will be waiting for your return!!! Get lots of stitching done!

CindyMae said...

I do hope that you enjoy your time with your dad! Maybe just spending some time with you will help him to feel a lot better! We will miss you, be safe!!!

Wanda said...

Hi Kathy,
Hope your visit with you dad is going well. Congratulations on your 100th post. Hope to hear from you when you get back. I enjoy your blog.

Michelle said...

I've been out of circulation .. hope all is well with your father. I enjoyed hearing about the shop hop..wish I could have attended!