Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keep On Stitching

It seems that I may have created a monster. As you know, I have this wonderful group of stitchers locally that I stitch with every Monday evening. They are all reading my blog and every week, if I had not done a post during that week, I am bombarded with "Why haven't you updated your blog?" or "I made special effort to go check your blog and there is nothing new" or "You haven't done a blog in a long time". My problem is there are better things to do than battle with Blogger. Although girls I am going to try to do better. None of them have blogs so they do not know how aggravating that Blogger can be or how long it takes to do pictures, etc. to make it an interesting read. I would rather be stitching.

Remember my Yahoo STO group had a January 1st SAL, well another one in that group that is in Australia said they had a "guilt-free January" where you could start as many new projects as you want. I gave into my Stitchers ADD and started another project. Thanks Amanda!! Here is the beginnings of Bent Creek's Valentine's Row.

Valentine's Row
by Bent Creek
28-ct PTP Orphan
Recommended GAST fibers
PTP does not currently have orphans. Orphans are fabrics where there was some kind of issue with the dyeing process and they did not get the color they intended. Everyone that has seen this color thinks they should put this color in their line. Not sure that the color comes through very well in the photo, but it is like a dirty pink. My color name is chocolate covered cherries.

Here is my progress on American Baby. One tree done except for some red berries and both bunnies. Now another sheep and tree, plus baby's name. Coming along nicely.

Also continued to work on LHN- From Sea to Shining Sea. Now part 4 is out and I don't even have part 2 done. Had hoped I would have part 2 done before part 4 came out. Not to fond of the dye lot of the tumbleweed in part 2. I almost changed it and bought another skein at LNS and Anita talked me out of it. Will continue and see if I like it better when it is all done. Might have to rip out some of what I stitched last Saturday. Was stitching while watching the KSU basketball game on TV. They were playing awful, the TV feed was having technical difficulties so you were missing something about every 5 seconds. The longer it went on the tighter I pulled my stitches. Will have to go back and look to see how it looks after I have calmed down. LOL!!!

Been doing some model stitching for The Sunflower Seed. Did one small design model for use at February market. No photo. Then also did a store model of LK Valentine's. Not sure what fabric (I think it was 28-ct Lt. Mocha Cashel). I just took what Anita gave me. Used the recommended thread. The Cameo Pink on the border did not show up very well. Easy and very cute stitch.

Monday being Martin Luther King holiday, almost everyone in our Monday night group had the day off. Sorry Marcia. She was the only one that had to work and some dummy scheduled her for an afternoon meeting. She admitted that she was that dummy. Part of us spent most of the day at The Sunflower Seed stitching. What a fun day. I also helped with customers so Anita could take care of other business. Janet and I were there shortly after the shop opened, Reina and Reita came about noon, Jan came before 1 and Marcia after work. We had a pizza party as dinner. Love that Via's Pizza. Judy showed up as we were finishing the pizza. We had our usual hilarious day. Did not take down any notes and quotes. Part of it would not have been fit for publication.

My STO group had a small stitch-in here in Topeka yesterday, but I opted to spend time with my Monday night group. The STO group did come by the shop to do some stashing. Met Judy and Marcia. Now I have a face to put with the names. Glad to meet you both and be able to help you with your shopping needs. Come back and see us.

Tomorrow my church ladies group meets and I am hostess. I decided to try a new soup recipe on them. So today I have made soup and have put a loaf of frozen bread in the oven to bake. It is a recipe for Taste of Home magazine called Beefy Bean Soup. My assessment of it is that is kinda like Spaghetti Soup. It is a tomato base with basil and oregano with beans, hamburger and elbow macaroni. Hope they like it. Also stitched on a piece for a friend. It is something that her sister started for her, but got cancer and was not able to finish. So glad to be able to finish it for it. It is difficult in parts to figure out what has been stitched and what hasn't. I have had it a while, so have made a pact with myself to stitch on it every Tuesday so I can hopefully have it done when she returns from her winter stay in south Texas.

Thanks to all have stayed with me during my fights with blogger. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate your visits. I need to do some dressing up of by blog, but that takes time and patience and understanding with blogger, etc. I have none of those and so it will stay as plain jane for a while longer.

Better go check the bread in the oven and get some more stitching done.

Happy Stitching!!!!!


Lee said...

Hey...I think I need to take a trip to Topeka! Sounds like you're having lots of fun there!

Brigitte said...

Chocolate covered cherries - reading this makes my mouth water, lol.
You have some very nice WIPs on the go. And you have a great stitching group. Your meetings seem to be pure fun.

Terry said...

All your WIP look great. Sounds like you had fun all day Monday and into the evening. I have problems with blogger myself. It's a constant battle to get a post on but I vow to keep trying just so my family knows what the kids have been up to and my stitching friends know how little I've been stitching. LOL

Michelle said...

I wish I could do some more stashing :) I love all my recent stash, cuz it all came from Sunflower Seed!

Your Valentine's project is really sweet..I'm working on a Valentine project too. I finished up something cute from Sunflower Seed that I will be posting soon..

Hope all is well with everyone!


Amanda said...

Your projects are all looking great Kathy! Glad I could enable you to start another one too, lol!!

Kajsa said...

Everything looks beautiful just like usual!

Erica said...

Your WIPs are looking great!
I never seem to have much luck with WIPs or rotations. I am always afraid that if I put something down, it will never get finished!
Thanks for your comments on my stitching. Right now I feel like the rug is a big weight around my neck. I have to finish it before I can get any serious work done on anything else,
My most optimistic ETA for a finish on this is in March (Quite optimistic)!
After that I intend to finish up my little quilt. I would love to see pix of yours. Perhaps a SAL would be in order!

Maren said...

Ooo! I can't wait to see how American Baby progresses. I really like the design so far!