Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Release

This design was just released through Hoffman Distributing by The Sunflower Seed last week. I stitched both models for this a month or so ago. They are very quick stitches for baby gifts. Could be made into door hanger pillows. In fact, I just found out a close family friend is going to have a baby in December. I may do the baby sleeping one into a door hanger pillow for them. The pattern should be available through your LNS or you may contact The Sunflower Seed directly. As mentioned before, I am working on a large design model for SS now. Did complete the first 1/4 and have started on the second. Ran to the shop yesterday afternoon to have Anita check some colors that I was concerned about. We did change two of them. Little to no frogging to be done. That is why I keep checking back with her as I do it, so if we need to make changes, I am not doing a lot of frogging.

Since Monday is a holiday, the shop is not going to be open so we cannot have our Monday stitching group. We felt like we might have withdrawals, so Janet graciously offered up her house for a stitching Monday. The group is meeting at 10:00AM at Janet's house for stitching most of the day. Everyone is bringing something for lunch to share. I have planned a Hearty Beef Penne Pasta dish. New recipe that I am trying out on the girls. Last Monday, the group was totally out of control during our stitching session. There was bad mouthing, love pats and tooting going on. I got a phone call and had to move to the back room of the shop to be able to hear my call. LOL!!! Those girls are the best friends a gal could have. TOOT!! TOOT!!

Today I am off to the first Kansas State home football game of the year. We play North Texas at 6:00 PM. Hopefully, it won't be too hot today. Upper 80s to low 90s. I don't do hot very well. By 6:00PM, it should start to cool off some. Would like to see a better year than 5-6 and no bowl game last year.

Leave you with a picture of my great-nephew, Cameron, that I am doing the Precious Baby Sampler for. I announced his birth a few weeks ago, but did not have a picture at this time. Just received this one from mom, Megan, this morning. He will be 6 weeks old on Monday. My how time flies.
Thanks to all that stop by and for all the comments. It is appreciated. Still trying to get caught up with my blog reading and commenting. Making a little progress, but will keep working at it.

Off to take shower and do a little stitching before I have to leave for the game. Have an hour drive to get there and don't like to fight too much traffic, so go early and then sit in the parking lot and stitch. Go figure.

Have a great holiday weekend!!!!


Sharon said...

Great job on the models! Sweet baby too!

Michelle said...

Love the new designs.. I like the Halloween one too!

Hope you had a great time at the football game and stitching!


Marianne said...

Kathy great model stitching. Can't wait to see the new piece you are working on. : ) Cameron is too too cute!