Thursday, December 20, 2007

Visit From Santa and Christmas Stitching

Celebration of Christmas has started early. Today I had a little Christmas party/exchange with my stitching sisters. Reina, Mary, Anita and I gathered at the LNS-The Sunflower Seed for lunch from Panera's and exchange Christmas presents.

These shots were taken as we were opening presents. In this one Anita is demonstrating how her new stay-at-home socks can also be used for hand warmers or hand puppets. Shop dog Betsy is in the foreground. Mary, (Anita's real sister) is in the red shirt inspecting a little suitcase type box she just opened from Reina.
Here Mary is talking to Reina and I think Reina is saying don't take that picture.
We always have such a great time when we get together whether it is Christmas, a birthday or just sitting and stitching.

I have to tell you that I really cleaned up. Thank you so much to my sisters. Below is the stitchy-type gift I received. Tin topper stitched in my favorite color purple. I think Anita said it was Caron Collection Amethyst. Also you see The Victoria Sampler's "Heirloom Nativity Sampler" with called for 28-ct Smokey Pearl Cashel and Embellishment Pact. In the little mesh bag was another Whitman Sampler Tin, still with the chocolates in it, along with fabric and Crescent Colours Belle Soie-Elegant Eggplant to stitch up a design that Anita had done for us. Design name is Celtic Tin Topper. Not sure whether it will ever be released to the public, since not sure how available the long skinny tins will be available. She gave us 40-ct fabric. I really want to see if I can handle the 40-ct stuff.

Some more of my gifts took on a theme. Many of you may have figured out that I am a big Kansas State fan, these gifts followed that theme. A light similar to an Ott-Light with the KSU logo on it. Also, a KSU wallet/coin purse, KSU key chain(the purple had almost worn off the one I had), KSU stickers and address return labels. The black and white thing is a little suitcase-type box with wooden-like handle. I love these. The make wonder project totes for travel or back and forth to the shop with Anita's design models for approval.
Even with all that I have mentioned above, that does not include it all. There was also a recipe book that had recipes for foods served in all kinds of restaurants from Applebee's to Olive Garden to Margareitaville. Some wonderful sounding recipes. They are expecting me to test them out on the girls. Then there was a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Love that place. Forgive me sisters, if I have left off anything. It was not intentional. I feel so blessed to have these three as my stitching sisters. Thanks sisters for everything and for the fun times we have together.

For several weeks I have been talking about the secret stitching that I have been doing for Christmas. Now I can show you the results of my labors that I gave to Mary, Reina and Anita in the order that the designs appear.

My Needle and My Floss
by Waxing Moon
28-ct R&R Creek Bed Brown
Recommended Threads-GAST, Weeks and DMC

Liberty Sampler
by Lizzie Kate
28-ct R&R Creek Bed Brown
Recommended Thread-GAST & Weeks

The Sampler Sampler
by Brightneedle
28-ct R&R Creek Bed Brown
Recommended Thread-Anchor & DMC
On this last design I used 3 of the 9 motifs from the pattern. I pulled all the ones that had houses on them with the middle one that said "Home". They were all framed at our local frame shop, that always does a fantastic job. The Sampler Sampler I just picked up on my way to pick up lunch and then to the shop. Did not have time to wrap and we had previously had a discussion about putting it in a plain brown wrapper. So I used some of the shop's brown sacks and made wrapping paper for it.

This might be my last post before Christmas, so I would like to take this time to wish all my blogging friends a "Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Stitching New Year". Tomorrow I have to pick up 2 gift cards and a few groceries. Then home to make noodles, mashed potatoes and homemade ice cream to take to my sister's lake house for our family Christmas on Saturday. It is about a 4 hour drive away, then return home on Sunday. We will be at home on Christmas Day with just Morris and I and little Muffin in her crate. That just means more stitching time for me.

Merry Christmas to you all !!!!!!!


Vonna said...

Lovely gifts you the tin :)
BUT what you did...OH MY...Kathy they are all singularly gorgeous! I'm in awe! Congrats :)

Margie said...

Such lovely gifts both given and received! :-) You have a great Christmas!

Ranae said...

Sounds like fun... and those fabulous gifts, WOW!!
Merry Christmas!!

Michelle said...


Merry Christmas! It looks like you had a wonderful time together. That's really something special.

I spoke to my parents today~you guys made our news with the snowfall and the traffic accident. I hope you are safe and warm.


Carol said...

Merry Christmas Kathy!

Meari said...

What great gifts you received. I wish there was an LNS near me, or even stitchers that would get together. Nice stitchy gifts you made for them. :)